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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girls Have Ruined Sequins.

Who? Innocent Girl.
What? Sequin Failure.
Where? Downtown, SD.
Why? Good Question.

Spotted: sequined "bike shorts" w/ knee high lace up suede boots.

Sequins are a fabulous, fabulous thing.
However, they have a terrible, terrible rep.

Gorgeous rack of dresses.

My girlfriend and I were shopping the 60% off sale at LF in La Jolla this past Saturday (it's absolute madness...I've been back 3 times, kinda a problem) and were sifting through some really great sequined pieces.

We started talking about how obsessed we were with these cropped sequin tops to layer over this other tank that had some flapper-esque fringe, and she sighs and says,

"I hate what girls have done to sequins."

I know, post.

Sequins in gold, my favorite.

What in the world are you girls thinking ruining sequins for others?
Yes, I'm talking to you who...

1. Wore the spandex Forever 21 sequined dress out New Years Eve.
2. Accessorized your denim with a turquoise sequined hobo bag.
3. Tramped around in a pair of sequined wedges to work.
4. Tucked a blouse into a sequined bandage skirt.
5. Thought wearing sequins during the day was at all acceptable.

Thanks so much for giving sequins a terrible rep.

Two-toned sequins, even better.

Now all the rest of us have to question if we can even wear sequins because you've turned this great embellishment into a horrible fashion stink.

If you're not going to respect sequins and wear them the right way, can you just let them be? I'm not saying you have to spend a fortune in order to pull of sequins. Just because it's sequined Herve Leger doesn't mean it's better than H&M (well, it is...but it can still look just as bad). Pulling off sequins is about using your common sense and a little bit of technique.

Sta. EphigĂȘnia sequined dress, I actually love this.

So, I've laid out a few rules for wearing sequins, if you dare attempt...

1. Night time only. This means the sun must be down, 5am the next morning and you turn into a pumpkin. Got it?

2. One sequined piece per outfit. Dress, shoes, clutch, etc. You pick it, but it can only be one.

3. Black, silver, gold, bronze. No colored sequins, I don't care if you're in Lanvin. And, absolutely no white.

4. Going for a sequined belt? Great choice. Opt for a thick one. When sequins are on a tiny little belt, it looks like the belt is wrapped around crooked. Not your fault, it just does.

5. Sequins must be on a fabric with little to no give. Think shift not spandex. If fabric is pulling the sequins apart over your body, this is not ok.

Flawless sequin embellishment.

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