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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Your Fitness On, Fashionably.

Dear Cardio Bunny,
You've really been going strong on that elliptical machine. I mean really, you're working it out girl. You look so skinny. But, I'm really sick of looking at you in a pair of ugly colored soffe shorts riding up your butt with a hole in the crotch, a bright neon sports bra, and a cut up shirt you probably had laying around your house from an ex boyfriend. Not to mention your liquid eyeliner is running down your face and your hair is glued to your neck. Let me help you out.

You're already putting in the effort to make it to the gym in the first place (which is one step ahead of all the lazy softies out there that skip out), can't you put in the tiniest bit of effort to dress yourself properly?

I'm not the only one who thinks this, you know. I'm pretty sure the men working on their muscles in the weight room over would appreciate a little eye candy to motivate themselves with. Wouldn't you agree?

Victora's Secret Fashion Show 2010

It's not about being checked out - although, we all know why you single ladies come to the gym at 6 pm - it's all about not looking like a downward facing dog disaster while working on your fitness in front of your community.

Here's how to get your fitness on, fashionably...

You don't need to pile on the make up. Please keep it off if you can. Sweating it out with make up on not only makes you look like a clown as it slides all over your face, but it also is bad for your skin! I keep these Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes in my gym bag for quick removal.

VSX Sexy Sport

Also, tie back your hair for crying out loud. Ponytail, messy bun, whatever. Extra points if you manage to mix in a headband. I don't need to see your Victoria's Secret waves become sweaty dreadlocks glued to your back. This is disgusting.

And now you're ready to get dressed...

But first, throw away all of your soffe shorts, and if you don't know what "soffe shorts are" they are these:

Soffe Shorts

...and are usually rolled up a few more times than shown in the picture above. Get them out of your wardrobe now. They were fine for high school cheer practice, not if you can afford a gym membership.


Invest in some quality work out wear. I'm not suggesting that you go out and buy thousands of dollars in Lululemon. I've acquired an entire dresser full of Lululemon and it's beyond a bit aggressive. But, please think about quality.

Your matching set from Target is going to be utterly destroyed in 1/8th of the time that your Lululemon will be ready to toss out (and only because you already got new seasonal color replacements and can't possibly be bothered with the old watermelon pink).

Eva Longoria in BEBE Sport

Work out clothing I suggest:

1. Lululemon (obviously)
2. VSX Sexy Sport (by Victoria's Secret)
3. Lucy (on the more conservative side)
4. Hard Tail Forever (on the more bad ass side)
5. Evolve Fit Wear (something for everyone)
6. BEBE Sport (by Bebe)

As far as fitness shoes go, this is one department that I am not very familiar with. Ironic...I know. My only advice would be to leave it to the specialists (aka the employees of whatever athletic shoe store you're making your purchase at), and pick out your cutest option.

Socks to go with your shoes? All hail you if you can match them...

My socks haven't matched a day in my life.

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