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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Fashionlush was created by blogger, jewelry and clothing designer, and ultimate street style fashionista, Erica.

I've been religiously following her posts and let me tell you, this girl's style is one of a kind. I'm obsessed with how she mixes pieces from local boutiques to high fashion and comes up with really amazing unique and pulled together looks.

Fashionlush is your source for some serious style inspiration and to get you inspired to check out Fashionlush, I got the chance to interview Erica so that I could share with you some of her great insight on fashion.

Check out what Erica had to say...

- Q&A With Fashionlush -

LMP: Lets jump right in and talk about your fabulous style, who/what/where inspires it?

FL: Better question is what doesn't inspire my style :). My main source of inspiration has to be the internet. I love perusing the interweb all day looking for new trends in the world of fashion, as well as up & coming designers. Street style is a huge inspiration of mine, even down to the gothic lolita wear in Japan (think the book Fruits & Fruits 2). I pull ideas from everywhere, yet my most favorite source of inspiration is most definitely the fellow fashion bloggers. I love seeing girls as young as 14 blogging the day away in Europe with some insane sense of style, it is inspiring and amazing all at once.

LMP: If you had five minutes to put together an outfit for the day, what would you pick out to wear?

FL: I usually only have 5 minutes always, I love to sleep in. I would probably go for my vintage eggplant roper boots with knee high sock, my black denim cut off shorts, my favorite vintage Harley Davidson tank, and a wide belt. Oh... and assuming I didn't get make-up on in those five minutes, a big pair of shades to hide my under eye circles that I am assuming I would have.

LMP: If you could go out and buy one thing to add to your wardrobe right this second, what would it be?

FL: This is hard for me, because there are SO many things I come off with daily that I feel my closet absolutely, 100%, needs. One thing I recently saw on one of my favorite bloggers that I am drooling over is the Alexander Wang Rafael bag. The structure of the bag is drool worthy- and the rabbits feet zipper pulls just put me over the edge of infatuation.

LMP: What is one thing in your closet that you could never part with?

FL: I will have to go with my mint condition Chanel riding boots from the 70's. I think about parting with them often, only because it would be a nice payout... but I can never bring myself to do it. I never wear them, cause they are in such pristine condition, but I still just can't let them go. They are too stunning to be away from me. They are something I will pass onto to my fashionable daughter that I plan to have one day. Maybe.

LMP: Now lets talk trends...what are you currently loving?

FL: So many things I am currently loving right now. I am loving the floral prints for spring, especially when paired with something a bit edgier (think leather/studs). I am also loving the trend of the 1" midriff. Crop tops, IMO (in my opinion) are out out out, yet a high waisted skirt with a crop top- that is in. That one inch of skin is the new sexy spot, and I am a huge fan. Added plus if the two pieces actually are a pair. Does that make sense, here is an example [from fashionlushxx's blog] :).

LMP: Time to bash, what are you currently hating?

FL: Hate to say it, but I am over neon already. Blah, too bright for my eyes personally. Also, as mentioned above, enough is enough with the crop tops. Come on.... sure you have a nice toned tummy, but that doesn't mean the whole world wants to see it. Sorry... Other then those two, I am pretty happy with the fashion trends right now, right up my alley. Oh wait! One more, stop putting tinsel and feathers in your hair! Please. I beg of you.

LMP: If you could sit down for coffee with your favorite designer O.T.M. (of the moment), who would you be sitting with?

FL: Phillip Lim. I have been drooling over him for a hot minute now. He graduated from my alma mater (Cal State University Long Beach), which I find to be so amazing, and he is an amazing designer. I love his simple yet sculptural pieces. Everything he touches literally turns to gold.

LMP: What would you be wearing?

FL: Oh god. A simple white dress by Phillip himself and black Anabela McQueen boots (I need those really bad). I would want to wear something simple, yet chic. I'd probably be so nervous though that I would do something silly like end up sitting there in overalls. Those weird sort of things just happen to me sometimes.

Now dear readers, are you obsessed with her or what? Go check out Erica's blog, Fashionlush, and get inspired!

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P.S. Be sure to check out the Q&A that I answered on Fashionlush's FL Spotlight Lisa Price Inc.!

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