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Monday, March 19, 2012

Do It Myself?

DIY - Do It Yourself

The DIY trend is at an all time high right now, not just because of our pitiful economy (so long weekly facials and $50 spa pedis!), but because it has become a really huge statement in today's fashions...particularly, among the blogging world.

Gratification from buying a really fabulous maxi dress - high. Gratification from making a really fabulous custom maxi dress for a penny of the price - higher.

We as human beings, get off to making our own creation.

I, unfortunately, have a difficult time with the "DIY" aspect of DIY.

Do It Yourself? Sure. Do It Myself? WTF.

I can't even manage a DIY manicure, let alone waiting for a DIY manicure with rhinestones and snakeskin embellishments dry while turning a denim jumpsuit into a really fabulous studded vest that looks like it deserves to be walking right down the runway and forever posing on the red carpet.

How do these DIY-ers do it themselves???

I've got to get to the bottom of this.
I want to find out.
That is why I am challenging myself to DIY.

But, I am asking you to help in one teeny tiny way...

Please submit your favorite DIY!!! It can be a DIY that you came up with, one that you have tried out in the past, a DIY you've spotted on someone else's blog that you think is really fabulous, you name it.

How to Submit: by email, on twitter by @LPriceSOright -ing a link to your DIY, leaving a comment on my facebook fan page, or by posting a comment on this post.

I will choose one DIY to tackle, and see if I can finally do it myself and feature "my creation" on LisaPriceInc. - along with the original creator of the DIY.

Wish me luck!

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