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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet 1985 and a Sweet, Sweet Double Giveaway!

Sweet 1985

First off, I just want to say that I'm really excited to be featuring the company that I'm about to introduce to you. Not only are the pieces beyond amazing, but the co-founder is a dear friend of mine. So, I thought...instead of me telling you about this fabulous line of jewelry, why don't we hear it straight from one of the two beating hearts of the company...

Berenice (left) and JT (right) of Sweet 1985

Meet Berenice, co-founder of Sweet 1985...

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you started Sweet 1985.
Sweet 1985 was started by (me) Berenice and JT in 2009. We met back in 2004 in San Francisco when we were college roommates. After many years of friendship we decided to start a jewelry line that’s not only edgy, fun and eclectic which reflected our personalities, but also a company that’s conscious to being eco-friendly and to help reduce the carbon footprint. Sweet 1985 believes in green initiatives, locally conscious sourcing, and bringing cultures together. Everything is handmade with love in New York and California.

2. I love that. What is the inspiration behind Sweet 1985 designs or does it vary from collection to collection?
Sweet is inspired by infusing styles from street fashion, blending cultures together and incorporating different inspirations from various decades, i.e 70s hippie inspired, 80s rock skull inspiration, Indian styled hand and head pieces, etc.

3. Do you have a vision in mind for an ideal wearer of Sweet 1985 jewelry?
We don’t vision just one type of person to wear sweet. At Sweet, we believe that no matter how you look or what your style is, there’s a piece of jewelry for you.

4. What is your favorite piece (or pieces) from your line?
Some of our favourite pieces are the Ana rings, which is a wire wrapped ring with Swarovski crystals and 22k or Sterling Silver plated skulls. We also love our simple black onyx or jade (22k gold plated) buddha bracelets that’s from our Spring/Summer 2012 collection. At Sweet, we’re all about the arm candy so we make all of our bracelets stackable. Other pieces to look at are definitely our Sweet 1985 body pieces such as the Emma or our shoe harnesses available for both men and women. Lastly, our current obsession is our Buddha rosary, it’s made out of vintage 1970’s beads from japan, 22k gold plated buddha heads and vintage chinese coins. The rosary has 108 beads used for keeping count for reciting, chanting or meditation.

5. Lastly, tell me what you're currently working on for your company right now. Anything exciting coming up for Sweet 1985?
2012 is a big year for Sweet. We’re currently selling on Karmaloop and we will be having a flash sale on in March. If you’re in the LA area, please join us for our fashion show on March 2nd at the Key Club with RAW artists. You can find more info on soon. We will also be collaborating with a swimsuit designer for the Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week in July. Lastly, we’re going to work on a small collection this summer with an organization from Cambodia to help girls who were trafficked into Cambodia for the sex trade industry.

Now, if that awesome upcoming news wasn't exciting enough...Sweet 1985 is giving away two incredible pieces to two of my lucky readers! This is an incredible double giveaway that I'm so thrilled to be sharing with you.

Check out the pieces Sweet 1985 is giving away...

Black Onyx with Gold Plating Chandelier Earrings
Handmade with love in the USA.

Black Onyx with 22k Gold Plated Buddha Bracelet
Handmade with love in the USA

These black onyx and gold pieces are so, so fabulous and I'm really excited to be giving them away to not just one, but two lucky readers. The black and gold combo (my favorite) makes each piece extremely wearable with other jewelry or by itself...although personally, I love the look of a huge stack of Sweet 1985 bracelets all mixed and matched together to make one fabulous statement.

Here's how to enter:

1. “LIKE” Sweet 1985 on Facebook
2. "LIKE" LisaPriceInc on Facebook
3. Follow Sweet 1985 on Twitter
4. Follow me on Twitter as well, and then tweet the following:

“I want to win the @Sweet1985jewel giveaway
hosted by @LPriceSOright”

Once you’ve done all four steps – make sure you're able to be contacted through your twitter if you are the winner or leave your email on this post!!!

There will be one winner chosen for each item.

This giveaway will last 1 WEEK from today and end NEXT Monday 3/5/12 at NOON (12 P.M.) P.S.T.

Good luck!

P.S. Be sure to check out the other fabulous pieces by Sweet 1985 here:

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