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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Silver Shoe.

Excuse my rant that is about to unleash...but silver shoes - what are you, an astronaut? I can't even be bothered.

I think the color silver is one of the most hideous colors ever placed on a dear sweet pair of soles. I'm not talking about silver chains with jewels or actual "silver" metal attached to a shoe (because that's considered more of a lovely embellishment in my mind, well done Louboutin spikes and Jimmy Choo crystals - you can stay)...I'm talking about silver "Tin Man" meets Space-esque shoes. Barf.

And the sad part about this situation at hand (or at foot, rather) is not the fact that H&M is collaborating with another degrading designer to make this fashion mess fly off the racks or because Forever21 is convincing pre-puberty whores that its hot. This horrible silver fad is popping up all over the place from FABULOUS designers that I adore and admire - are you crazy?!

WHO WHAT WEAR Accessory Report kindly brought this to my attention today...

WHO WHAT WEAR Accessory Report

Granted one of the picks from WHO WHAT WEAR Accessory Report was Nine West (the silver isn't your only problem on this one), but Karl and Brian Atwood? Really?

At least WHO WHAT WEAR kept the silver vomit to a $405 and under disaster.

Why don't you take a look at these catastrophes...

1. "Mirrored" and "Cork" - already a disaster before the silver.

Jimmy Choo
Mirrored Leather & Cork Wedges

2. Are these for real? Euro Trash meets Park Basketball Homie meets NASA.

Maison Martin Margiela
Metallic Leather Sneakers

3. Ok, I'm already picturing how fat your feet will look in these clod-hoppers.

Miu Miu
Glitter and Suede Trimmed Platform Sandals

4. Although not bad, the "nose" on this shoe stinks.

Edmundo Castillo
Metallic Leather Scalloped Pumps

5. Talk about a true shit kickers. Consider yourself a stripper and silver-raped at $2,495.

Jimmy Choo
Niagra Plex Crystal-Adorned Platform Sandals

Please, just do me (and yourself) a favor and stay away from the ugly ugly silver. You know I'm serious about this when I just bashed Choos (2 pairs!!!). Unless you're going to do it right with some glitz or spikes or elegance (Manolo, I thank you)...don't do it at all.

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