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Monday, February 6, 2012

Party Girl Party Rocks.

The Super Bowl isn't something that I'm necessarily dying in anticipation to watch - to be honest, I didn't even know who was playing until about halfway through "watching" the game! But, when the tastiest pizza in the world is being made outdoors in my friend's pizza oven and pineapple vodka cocktails are being served ice cold, what's actually happening on the big screen isn't really all that important...that is, of course, until Madonna comes on.

Yes she's old, yes she's so over, and yes I was off and on hate tweeting her just as much as Perez Hilton was prior to her performance, but oh my god...this material girl rocked it!

She was ripped, she was provocative, and she was wearing a bad-ass pair of over the knee, black leather boots.

With that being said, since this is a blog highly influenced by fashion...

Lets browse through a couple high-note fashion accents inspired by Madonna to party rock your wardrobe like yesterday's halftime performance...think black, think gold, think strong.

Wide Belt

Sidney Garber
Woven Gold & Diamond Bracelet

Uneven Hem Dress

Renee Lewis
Diamond Sword Necklace

Haider Ackermann
Riding Over-the-Knee Boot
$1,359.00 SALE

All Available At:

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