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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"If You Had $5,000..."

A couple nights ago, after an extensive lap and a half around Fashion Valley, my boyfriend and I sat down to rest our feet over dinner and a couple glasses of Sangria. We were admiring his purchase (a gorgeous Louis Vuitton business card holder) and got to thinking...if we each had $5,000 to simply drop without a thought, what would we spend it on? It would have to be spent all at once, and at this immediate location (no jetsetting to 54th Street and Lexington).

Would we each buy one single item for $5,000? Would we buy a couple of nice items? Would we combine the two $5,000 and buy one amazing $10,000 item to share?

Here's what we came up with...

His Choices:

Louis Vuitton Damier Duffle Bag
(Or any pattern that doesn't directly match my brown Damier Duffle.)

Louis Vuitton Briefcase
(So over the top, but extremely necessary for business.)

Navy Blue Hugo Boss Suit
(I doubt he wanted pinstripes, but this one is too hot!)

(Since when did my boyfriend become so practical?)

My Choices:

Chanel Boy Bag
(Absolute number one...preferably in two-toned.)

Louis Vuitton Wallet
(To bring me out of "Wallet Probation" from the 3 that were lost.)

Black Patent YSL Pumps
(A new pair of Peep-toed Louboutins would do nicely too.)

Gold Chanel Belt
(Or a black leather and large gold C logo belt.)

Red Hermes Scarf
(Size depending on how much extra $ I have left over.)

If we chose only one item each: He would choose to spend his $5,000 on a Rolex, and I would spend my $5,000 on a two-toned Cartier. Funny we both picked watches...although I'd be just as happy with a Cartier LOVE or Bulgari bracelet, duh.

We did not even consider combining the two $5,000 amounts...I suppose we're both a little selfish and would rather each partake in the retail bliss equally. Do you blame us?

What would you spend $5,000 on?

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