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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Coffee Date.

We've all been on one...we've all probably been on countless.

The ever so low key, and at times hopeful, Coffee Date. Chances are, every time you walk into a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or neighborhood coffee joint of choice, there is one pair among the caffeinated masses that is currently on one.

As I sit here at Coffee Bean, sipping my very favorite African Sunrise tea, I'm inspired by a couple in the corner. Yes, they are without a doubt on a Coffee Date.

This could be a first or second coffee date, they see to be very at ease with each other, but yet the majority of knowingness is still left in unfamiliar territory.

Clearly taking time from his work day, the man is dressed in a crisp pinstriped business suit...and so utterly engaged in his date. She could have a fabulous personality, she could have the work ethic and drive of an underprivileged teenager hoping for a successful future...who knows, who cares.

To me, it's her style that is worthy of infatuation.

Dressed in a lightly crimped pastel peach maxi skirt, a faded charcoal (my guess, James Perse) tank tucked gently in the waistline, cinched in with a fabulous white, and somewhat distressed, leather belt, and an array of bangles clearly collected over time...not one of them is in a set with the other.

Why can't we all nail a Coffee Date this stylishly? Oh wait, we can. It simply takes a little effort. Whether she always dresses like this (be my friend), or put together everything specifically in anticipation for this date (you work well with a fashionable ensemble deadline)...we will never know, but it doesn't matter.

She is just fabulous.

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