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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breakfast With A Girlfriend.

A 'Girls' Night' is by nature, a destructive event. Whether you're single or in a relationship, a night out with the girls generally leads to one to many pink tinted cocktails (not necessarily a bad thing) and entertaining a little bit of drama (again, not necessarily a bad thing).

Personally, when I'm out I much prefer to be socializing with a mixed group of people and doing a little bit of prowling...these days, I'm on the prowl of my boyfriend. I just find it much more entertaining and better way to share a bottle of bubbly...I always have.

I however am so for breakfast with a girlfriend. I'm not talking brunch, although bottomless mimosas are always a wonderful part of my Sunday, I'm talking about real breakfast at a time before 11am.

Breakfast with a girlfriend is the most positive way to start the day. Whether you're both nursing the aftermath of previous night out with a bowl of oatmeal and tea or being allowably choosy with your order - there is nothing that gives me a greater morning high than being able to be ridiculously-health-consciously-picky with my order and not giving a shit about what the waitress thinks - you can get in real quality time before the hustle of your day starts.

Here are some great spots in San Diego that I love to go to for a morning bite...substitute hash browns with a side of gossip...

1. Claire's on Cedros for a caffeinated treat from the espresso machine and an egg white veggie omelet.

2. Zanzibar Cafe, Downtown for the salmon benedict, hold the sauce, and a champagne flight to split.

3. Thyme in the Ranch for a whole grain muffin and black tea.

4. Searsucker for a contemporary bite and side of people watching.

5. Americana Restaurant for an overpriced make-your-own omelet (seriously, price per item added) and skinny vanilla soy latte.

Happy Breakfasting with the Girls!

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