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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breakfast With A Girlfriend.

A 'Girls' Night' is by nature, a destructive event. Whether you're single or in a relationship, a night out with the girls generally leads to one to many pink tinted cocktails (not necessarily a bad thing) and entertaining a little bit of drama (again, not necessarily a bad thing).

Personally, when I'm out I much prefer to be socializing with a mixed group of people and doing a little bit of prowling...these days, I'm on the prowl of my boyfriend. I just find it much more entertaining and better way to share a bottle of bubbly...I always have.

I however am so for breakfast with a girlfriend. I'm not talking brunch, although bottomless mimosas are always a wonderful part of my Sunday, I'm talking about real breakfast at a time before 11am.

Breakfast with a girlfriend is the most positive way to start the day. Whether you're both nursing the aftermath of previous night out with a bowl of oatmeal and tea or being allowably choosy with your order - there is nothing that gives me a greater morning high than being able to be ridiculously-health-consciously-picky with my order and not giving a shit about what the waitress thinks - you can get in real quality time before the hustle of your day starts.

Here are some great spots in San Diego that I love to go to for a morning bite...substitute hash browns with a side of gossip...

1. Claire's on Cedros for a caffeinated treat from the espresso machine and an egg white veggie omelet.

2. Zanzibar Cafe, Downtown for the salmon benedict, hold the sauce, and a champagne flight to split.

3. Thyme in the Ranch for a whole grain muffin and black tea.

4. Searsucker for a contemporary bite and side of people watching.

5. Americana Restaurant for an overpriced make-your-own omelet (seriously, price per item added) and skinny vanilla soy latte.

Happy Breakfasting with the Girls!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mia Bella Couture

When I heard that Mia Bella Couture, a "premier bridal and special occasion dress boutique," opened up a second location in Del Mar, California...just steps away from my front door...I had to go check out my second dress closet.

And was I ever impressed.

I had complimented women at recent parties this year on their stylish dresses and when I didn't instantly recognize the familiar Monique Lhuillier or Marchesa, I had to ask what they were wearing. To my surprise, I very often heard the response, "Mia Bella."

Brittany Simpson with father, KUSI's Leonard Simpson
in Mia Bella Couture

SO, what in the world is this "Mia Bella?"
That's when I did my research.

Gretchen Rossi of the Real Housewives of Orange County
in Mia Bella Couture

Mia Bella Couture offers the most fabulous couture dresses for all occasions. Whether you're hitting up a posh cocktail party or attending an elegant gala event, Mia Bella Couture carries it all...and exclusively too.

I know, I know, we all love exclusivity...let me explain.

Unless you're buying a chic Dolce that just came in at Neimans, don't you dare set foot in the 3rd floor Evening Shop. You will walk out with a decently priced dress, but you will also be walking out with the same exact dress as 2 other party attendees.

Fashion fail.

Kendall Jenner wearing Sherri Hill
carried by Mia Bella Couture

When you shop at Mia Bella Couture you won't have that problem. Lucky for you, you'll have a personal shopper on call who is able to offer styling advice based on the needs of the individual shopping. Chances are, that personal shopper has helped others searching for a dress to wear to the same'll be directed into the right direction, I promise.

Also, Mia Bella Couture carries such a wide range of dresses that stay away from mainstream retailers. This is a fabulous opportunity to get something rare to wear.

So anyway, checked it out I did...

And I can't wait to wear a "Mia Bella" to my next event.
Go ahead, ask me what I'm wearing.

Mia Bella Couture
(858) 481-4900
2673 Via De La Valle #D
Del Mar, CA 92014

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet 1985 and a Sweet, Sweet Double Giveaway!

Sweet 1985

First off, I just want to say that I'm really excited to be featuring the company that I'm about to introduce to you. Not only are the pieces beyond amazing, but the co-founder is a dear friend of mine. So, I thought...instead of me telling you about this fabulous line of jewelry, why don't we hear it straight from one of the two beating hearts of the company...

Berenice (left) and JT (right) of Sweet 1985

Meet Berenice, co-founder of Sweet 1985...

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you started Sweet 1985.
Sweet 1985 was started by (me) Berenice and JT in 2009. We met back in 2004 in San Francisco when we were college roommates. After many years of friendship we decided to start a jewelry line that’s not only edgy, fun and eclectic which reflected our personalities, but also a company that’s conscious to being eco-friendly and to help reduce the carbon footprint. Sweet 1985 believes in green initiatives, locally conscious sourcing, and bringing cultures together. Everything is handmade with love in New York and California.

2. I love that. What is the inspiration behind Sweet 1985 designs or does it vary from collection to collection?
Sweet is inspired by infusing styles from street fashion, blending cultures together and incorporating different inspirations from various decades, i.e 70s hippie inspired, 80s rock skull inspiration, Indian styled hand and head pieces, etc.

3. Do you have a vision in mind for an ideal wearer of Sweet 1985 jewelry?
We don’t vision just one type of person to wear sweet. At Sweet, we believe that no matter how you look or what your style is, there’s a piece of jewelry for you.

4. What is your favorite piece (or pieces) from your line?
Some of our favourite pieces are the Ana rings, which is a wire wrapped ring with Swarovski crystals and 22k or Sterling Silver plated skulls. We also love our simple black onyx or jade (22k gold plated) buddha bracelets that’s from our Spring/Summer 2012 collection. At Sweet, we’re all about the arm candy so we make all of our bracelets stackable. Other pieces to look at are definitely our Sweet 1985 body pieces such as the Emma or our shoe harnesses available for both men and women. Lastly, our current obsession is our Buddha rosary, it’s made out of vintage 1970’s beads from japan, 22k gold plated buddha heads and vintage chinese coins. The rosary has 108 beads used for keeping count for reciting, chanting or meditation.

5. Lastly, tell me what you're currently working on for your company right now. Anything exciting coming up for Sweet 1985?
2012 is a big year for Sweet. We’re currently selling on Karmaloop and we will be having a flash sale on in March. If you’re in the LA area, please join us for our fashion show on March 2nd at the Key Club with RAW artists. You can find more info on soon. We will also be collaborating with a swimsuit designer for the Mercedes Benz Miami Fashion Week in July. Lastly, we’re going to work on a small collection this summer with an organization from Cambodia to help girls who were trafficked into Cambodia for the sex trade industry.

Now, if that awesome upcoming news wasn't exciting enough...Sweet 1985 is giving away two incredible pieces to two of my lucky readers! This is an incredible double giveaway that I'm so thrilled to be sharing with you.

Check out the pieces Sweet 1985 is giving away...

Black Onyx with Gold Plating Chandelier Earrings
Handmade with love in the USA.

Black Onyx with 22k Gold Plated Buddha Bracelet
Handmade with love in the USA

These black onyx and gold pieces are so, so fabulous and I'm really excited to be giving them away to not just one, but two lucky readers. The black and gold combo (my favorite) makes each piece extremely wearable with other jewelry or by itself...although personally, I love the look of a huge stack of Sweet 1985 bracelets all mixed and matched together to make one fabulous statement.

Here's how to enter:

1. “LIKE” Sweet 1985 on Facebook
2. "LIKE" LisaPriceInc on Facebook
3. Follow Sweet 1985 on Twitter
4. Follow me on Twitter as well, and then tweet the following:

“I want to win the @Sweet1985jewel giveaway
hosted by @LPriceSOright”

Once you’ve done all four steps – make sure you're able to be contacted through your twitter if you are the winner or leave your email on this post!!!

There will be one winner chosen for each item.

This giveaway will last 1 WEEK from today and end NEXT Monday 3/5/12 at NOON (12 P.M.) P.S.T.

Good luck!

P.S. Be sure to check out the other fabulous pieces by Sweet 1985 here:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Coffee Date.

We've all been on one...we've all probably been on countless.

The ever so low key, and at times hopeful, Coffee Date. Chances are, every time you walk into a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or neighborhood coffee joint of choice, there is one pair among the caffeinated masses that is currently on one.

As I sit here at Coffee Bean, sipping my very favorite African Sunrise tea, I'm inspired by a couple in the corner. Yes, they are without a doubt on a Coffee Date.

This could be a first or second coffee date, they see to be very at ease with each other, but yet the majority of knowingness is still left in unfamiliar territory.

Clearly taking time from his work day, the man is dressed in a crisp pinstriped business suit...and so utterly engaged in his date. She could have a fabulous personality, she could have the work ethic and drive of an underprivileged teenager hoping for a successful future...who knows, who cares.

To me, it's her style that is worthy of infatuation.

Dressed in a lightly crimped pastel peach maxi skirt, a faded charcoal (my guess, James Perse) tank tucked gently in the waistline, cinched in with a fabulous white, and somewhat distressed, leather belt, and an array of bangles clearly collected over time...not one of them is in a set with the other.

Why can't we all nail a Coffee Date this stylishly? Oh wait, we can. It simply takes a little effort. Whether she always dresses like this (be my friend), or put together everything specifically in anticipation for this date (you work well with a fashionable ensemble deadline)...we will never know, but it doesn't matter.

She is just fabulous.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Best Foot Forward.

We all love our brightly colored Choos and spiked platform Louboutins. Generally speaking, a great pair of heels can be worn with anything. However, a great pair of heels worn with anything doesn't always come off as the most "professional" approach to fashion...or the most appropriate, when stepping into the business world.

Luckily for me, my job allows me to dress as I please for the most part. When I'm out on the field, I can wear whatever I want - balls to the walls, baby! I'm able to ring upon all the bells and whistles when it comes to fashion creativity in my work wardrobe.

When I'm in the office, as long as my attire is professionally fashionable and put together, I can manage pretty much any accessory...within reason.

However, when it comes time to be taken seriously when making appearances in court and meeting with clients, never do I test the boundaries of appropriateness and fashion in my wardrobe.

There comes a time when you must become "business attentive" with your ensemble choices. This doesn't mean you need to whip out the Prada loafers and get all frigid with me. You can still wear some fabulous options while maintaining white-collar appropriate vibes.

Here are a few choices that you can rock in a professional manner without offending anyone, but still keeping hold on to your stylish ways...all it takes is being a little conservatively savvy with it...

Gianvito Rossi

Tabitha Simmons


Pierre Hardy

Christian Louboutin

Yves Saint Laurent

Manolo Blahnik

General Terms:
1. Ditch the red sole.
2. A pointed toe is very put together.
3. Too many embellishments are not good.
4. Keep it primarily neutral.
5. Skins are acceptable, in original form.
6. Lime green python skin is not original form.
7. Stay away from an overly aggressive platform.
8. Logos are fine if done tastefully.
9. Peep-toed can be worked with.
10. Black is always a safe bet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Goodbye Black, Hello Color?

Goodbye black, hello color? Not so much.

Fact is, it is all about colors this Spring, duh. However, this season is somewhat different than the past Spring seasons. It's not just about shoving the blacks to the back of the closet (sob) and awkwardly trying to incorporate oddly vibrant colors (barely short of shocking, in comparison to the blacks we got used to during the past Winter months) and an array of whites into our wardrobe.

This Spring is all about welcoming new, bolder than ever colors - not just brights, but new bold pastels; mint green, soft corals, etc. - and incorporating them into your blacks.

Yes, you know I love this!

Perhaps this is more of a "Pre-Spring movement" to get us ready for the full on whites and brights, but I'll take it while it's here.

Black pieces here to stay; structured blazers, blouses, skinny "Audrey Hepburn"-esque trousers, lace tights, bandeau skirt, shift dresses.

Black pieces to pack away; heavy leather jackets, boots, scarves (only color allowed!), drapey tunics.

A good rule of thumb for choosing the right pieces of black to layer is using black that can be layered with color, not the other way around.

For example, if you have a black tunic, black lace tights, and black booties, exchange the tunic out with something colored...perhaps the shoes as well.

Another example, if you have a black jacket, black bandeau, and black blouse, keep the bandeau skirt and incorporate a great colorful piece to layer (either the blouse or jacket) over the bandeau.

Your black staples can stay, too many black accents can go!

This gives you so many different options with how you want to manage your black, you can't even bother to complain.

The following are a few fabulous and new, Spring colored pieces I invite you to bring to play fashionably next to your blacks...

Maiyet Jacquard Shorts

ChloƩ Madeleine Tote

Casadei Peep Toe Pump

Deborah Marquit Demi Bra

Deborah Marquit Lace Bikini Brief

Federica Rettore Tanzanite & Opal Ring

ChloƩ Ruffle Waist Dress

theyskens' theory Ascent Skinny Belt

Balenciaga Arena Espadrilles

Yves Saint Laurent Cut Away Poppy Romper

Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Moist Glow

Iosselliani Crystal & Stone Bangle

Jil Sander Leather Clutch

Christian Louboutin Lady Peep

Monday, February 20, 2012


The newest fad online without a doubt has to be Pinterest. Friends were telling me to join ages ago claiming how "omg obsessed" they were about it. Obviously, not wanting to miss out, I joined. I still don't quite understand the point of Pinterest, isn't it just a better structured and less complicated way to rip off of other people's images and thoughts than using Tumblr?

...Oh, but I am obsessed.

As much as I love oohing and ahhing over friends' "Dream Vacation" and "Wedding Ideas" boards, I had to keep my LisaPriceInc. Pinterest boards simple and to the damn point; all things fashion. Otherwise, I'd be so overwhelmed with French country interior design techniques and adorable fluffy poodles that I wouldn't know quite what to do with myself!

Here are my boards (although progressively changing) and a little sample from each, and if you aren't hooked me, you will be...











The greatest thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to make a huge collage of all things that inspire you, which then is shared to inspire others. It's really fun, especially when your friends and followers are involved.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Bests.

Torrey Pines; via LPriceSOright Instagram

The best way to spend a Sunday, in my opinion, is by partaking in something(s) that brings you happiness and a sense of revivalism for the week ahead. I'm all for a little "Sunday Funday" - but typically nothing beyond a little bubbly (ok, and bottomless) get together over brunch. Today consisted of leisurely waking up, hiking Torrey Pines, and treating myself with my favorite eggs benedict (so sinful) and endless mimosas (so forgivable) at The Brigantine, Del Mar.

In celebration of a lovely Sunday, here are some of my "Sunday Bests" to welcome the upcoming week with...

1. The Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

So bold, so fierce, so incredibly on point. View the entire Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2012 collection on STYLE.COM/. I'm absolutely blown away.

2. Luxury Fashion Online;

No "designer consignment," no dated collections, no overflow from department stores. This website is an online clothing store for luxury fashion. Buyers for order first hand from the designers straight after the collection debuts at fashion shows. You won't score "the deal of the century" but you will score a piece worth breaking your budget over. Promise.

3. Deborah Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers

I've told you before how obsessed I am with Deborah Lippman's nail polishes in my post "I Dreamed of You Deborah Lippmann"...but let me tell you again, how absolutely obsessed I am with Deborah Lippman's Ruby Red Slippers nail polish that I currently have on my toes...the ideal Ruby Red Pedi.

4. The Caroclic Wedge by Christian Louboutin

In pink, how feminine can you get? The narrow, rounded toe of the Caroclic Wedge makes this shoe extremely flattering, especially for those with wider feet. And at only $595.00 for a Louboutin, it's too fabulous of a price point to skip out on this Spring.

5. The Art of Japan Kanazawa Chopsticks

The Art of Japan Kanazawa Chopsticks, priced at $20.00 from Barneys are an essential replacement to your restaurant's typical wooden chopsticks included in your to-go bag. Make it a fun and relaxing date night by ordering in some tasty rolls and laying out a couple sets of these on your table. I love!

Happy Sunday

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