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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's the Buzz after New Years?

I look forward to the new year for the same reasons every year; re-attire-ing the attire that was needed for endless themed holiday parties, getting back to a normal going out and staying in schedule, a fresh start (on life goals, relationships, a post-holiday catastrophe of a...dare I etc.) and of course, our annual trip up to San Francisco.

You may think that I look forward to this trip for the fantastic food and drink, the urban culture, the change of pace that the city beats to so differently than the pace of San Diego...or perhaps even the salt water taffy chosen from endless bin upon bin roaming around the Warf - I'm a huge sucker, seriously the worst!

All these things are fabulous and I count down the days (8 to be exact) until I'm able to experience the amazing magic of the city...but want to know the real reason why I'm always so excited to hit San Francisco right after the new year? THE AFTER HOLIDAY SHOPPING!


Here's what I am most hoping to find on this trip to start off my new year on a fashionable foot...

1. A hot structured pair of equestrian style riding boots. Preferably in black. Love the shine to these ones below - and the gold accent of course!


2. A fun scarf to accent the beloved handbag that Santa left under the tree for me this past Christmas. It may be grey, it may be signature, and it may be this orange and steel Hermes print is so in sync!


3. Bold trousers to pair with the jackets I'll be (not so) dreadfully wearing in the cold months. Such a fan of the hot pink to pop through in an outfit before Spring!

Alice and Olivia

4. A pair of fun Tod's loafers. So over heels for the second (or so my poor NYE raped feet say), and I always get the greatest discount on Tod's for my Shrek-sized feet after the holidays at Neiman Marcus!


4. New, natural colored Chanel nail polishes. I'll need them basic to blend in with all the color and print I'm adding in to my wardrobe this year!


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