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Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy Day Essentials.

Chanting "rain, rain, go away, come again another day" will unfortunately, only put you into further denial of the dreary weather situation at hand. Luckily, I have an in office job and am not subjected to the rain too much throughout the day (poor Mr. Postman)...however, when my lunch break comes and I have venture out into the rain to pick up my Americano and overpriced salad, I'm sure to be prepared!

Here are some essential items to get you through the rainy day...

Hunter Boot for Jimmy Choo

Although the above Hunter Boot for Jimmy Choo are ideal, I understand if you want to modify (downgrade) your indulgent purchase to a standard Hunter Boot from a Choo. In any event, Choo or not, Hunter makes the best. Your Ferragamo "rain boots" may be posh, but the metal logo will get damaged. Trust me, I'm talking from personal experience. If you want to take that risk for the sake of fashion, go for it, but my dear...rain boots of any sort are not fashion. Poo on you.

Moncler Jacket

A Moncler jacket is so necessary if you want to stay dry. Don't buy a fake because water will seep into your deserving jacket and ruin the rest of your clothes. Either that, or I will come and slash it. Oh, and while you're making your sure to dress your boyfriend in Moncler too!

Chanel Umbrella

A chic little black and white Chanel umbrella is just divine. Impractical, I understand...your husband will kill you if you charge this to the card, as would my boyfriend. Settle for a chic little black or white or red umbrella from anywhere. I haven't seen a cute one in San Diego yet, and there's an understandable reason why no investment is going on seeing that it only rains a handful of times in a year that is actually umbrella-worthy. I won't hate on yours, promise.

Burberry Mega Check Silk Stole, Trench

Bust out your Burberry. The bigger the better. This Mega Check Silk Stole is only $350.00 - if you're familiar with Burberry, the scarves don't vary that much in price depending on the, get the biggest. It's better. Always.

Leather Bow Gloves

These are kind of really necessary. No, not because they're gloves and you need gloves. You really don't need gloves at all...especially when you're driving 2 blocks down the street to get your Americano and overpriced salad. You need them because they're on sale. That's right, Prada on sale. From $370.00 to $166.00 on Neiman Marcus online. If you don't purchase, excuse my (non) French, you're an idiot.

P.S. Helpful rainy day hint...stash your first place compliment winning designer bag and whip out the Louis canvas. Your beautiful Birkin (or what have you) is not to be subjected to damage over one day in the rain. That's just cruel.

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