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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Manolo Marathon Winner.

Pain is Beauty, and yes...sometimes that means toughing it out in your fabulous (yet shin-kickingly painful) shoes for the sake of fashion.

However, it is just inhumane to subject yourself to this every single weekend!

That is why you need a good few pairs of "Marathon Shoes" to have on wardrobe standby for those evenings where you want to dance the night away, run from hot spot to hot spot, or simply just enjoy yourself without your beautiful shoes getting in the way from a fabulous time.

YSLs, Louboutins, and Fendis are NOT considered "Marathon Shoes" in my collection. As gorgeous and treasured as they are, by midnight I, (now, not so) secretly, feel like requesting a wheelchair.

However, here are a few hot picks that I can recommend to you from personal experience as being shoes I can literally run a marathon (night) in...

1. Manolo Blahniks in absolutely any style except the classic design shown last (Sedaraby). Although I love this last design and plan on wearing the 'Something Blue' Manolos on my wedding day(s), they really aren't all that comfortable like the others.



(No, no)

2. Lanvin wedges. These are the most comfortable shoes for day - i.e. miles and miles tracked walking around South Coast Plaza - but the Puzzle Wedge Pump is a perfect choice to dress up for night!

Puzzle Wedge Pump

3. Sergio Rossi's height to length ratio of the shoe is perfection for comfort. As long as you stay away for the patent styles (which do not stretch out to fit your feet as any shoe sales person will tell you - liars!) you'll be in great shape.

Platform Round Toe Pump

4. Tabitha Simmons makes dressing up your feet for a night out like a spa day. You won't get any more glitz and fun patterns for as much comfort. I hate to say this, but these are the less painful way to wear Jimmy Choos.


5. Alexander Wang makes fabulous pumps in great colors and skins that can be mixed and matched into any outfit no matter what color/skin combo you choose. Pair these blue textured Wangs with an all black wardrobe, a tan Herve Leger bandage dress, or a funky color block mod-styled skirt. Anything goes and anything works.

1. YSLs, Louboutins, Fendis = Foot Amputation.
2. Manolos YES YES YES, but get the right size, these generally run small.
3. Skip out on patent, generally speaking.
4. Heel height to shoe length ratio is key when assessing comfort.
5. Marni looks comfortable because they're ugly shoes, but they suck.

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