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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How to Fake an Engagement.

This game is really quite simple darling, and it never gets old!

Attraction, by Harry Winston

1. Location, location, location. Anywhere that comps a bottle of Dom P. is a good choice, and dim lighting is optimal. [L'auberge, Market, NINE-TEN] Also, don't be too obviously showy by sitting at a center table for two. This is cliché and well, awkward.

2. Outfit choice - give it a thought or few. Business casual is a no, no. This is a "surprise" celebration after all! Wear a fun short dress and shave your damn legs. Be sure to wear your hair down, no girl wants to be slipped a diamond around her finger with an elastic in her hair. Oh, and wear fabulous will be stared at.

3. As for props, a real diamond is key and is what makes this game really, really fun. You can try on a fake diamond at The Rack (if this sick sort of humor pleases you), but getting fake proposed to with a real Harry Winston is like Christmas morning.

4. You'll need a partner for this game. Preferably a tall, dark, and handsome man. He cannot be your significant other (this game is pretend!) and he cannot be someone your significant other could get jealous over (technically speaking). In my preference, the gayer the better - they also come best dressed!

5. Timing is key. Be sure to at least have a few sips (or cocktails) in your system before playing the winning move. Don't eat dinner yet and stay away from the bread basket, you don't want to draw attention to yourself with a food baby, everyone watching will think you're getting married due to a real bun in the oven - not so adorable.

6. Act surprised, shocked, and well...beautifully and flawlessly in love. This will be the most attractive engagement of your life because you're well informed of it coming. No tears, no nerves, no commitment, and come to think of actual thought process what so ever behind the word "yes"!

7. Enjoy the attention, glance down at the beautiful diamond, get tipsy off the endless champagne, and feel satisfied and fancy-free that by morning this was only just a dream!

Dedicated to my dearest, and never to be fiancé, Andy.

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