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Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Dress your Boyfriend in Moncler.


To me, Moncler is the absolute poshest outerwear made to date - I really don't think that it is possible to get a better mix of sporty and chic. So, you can understand my great obsession for my boyfriend donning his Moncler vest out day and night.

Sean Zanganeh effortlessly modeling his look

The Moncler vest is surprisingly one of the most versatile pieces my boyfriend owns...and as you can see, this is saying a lot - he owns an obnoxious amount of clothing (yes, that is an entire rack outside of his closet packed to the maximum capacity of dress shirts...and it is not his only "secondary" rack in his room...he has two).

Anyway, the Moncler vest can be worn during the day with a bold colored v-neck or perhaps a thin, quilted long-sleeved shirt. The Moncler vest can also be worn at night layered over a variety of different options...and we (actually, he) came up with a new fabulous way to wear it last night - over a crisp, black dress shirt. It was perfection!

The Moncler vest paired with a crisp black dress shirt

Fuller view on the chic menswear situation at hand

Essential pieces to re-create this look:

1. A pair of basic, clean cut, dressy jeans. Here, SZ is wearing a pair of Rock & Republic dark washed jeans, which I think are the hottest choice of denim for the male population to go out in (take note).

2. A black dress shirt. The chicness of this look is created primarily from the crisp and polished nature of the dress shirt - you can pair this vest with a number of button down selections, but the ultimate finish is from the shirt of a dressy, clean cut nature.

3. A statement belt. Please tuck the damn shirt in. The look is so much more put together this way and you're able to show off a hot accessory. Shown above, SZ is wearing an Ermenegildo Zegna "Z" belt. Unfortunately, this particular belt is no longer being distributed by Zegna, however many other options such as a big buckle Prada or classic Hermes work just as well.

4. Not shown above - but extremely important - the shoes! Let's keep it dressy shall we? Try out a pair of black leather loafers or fun pair of two toned dress shoes. The shoes should match the shirt to keep this ensemble looking polished.

5. The Moncler vest. Duh.

Sean Zanganeh, Lavin Marez, Lisa Price

P.S. Special thanks to my fashionista of a boyfriend for rocking this vest in a posh new way! I adore!

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