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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fit back into your Couture with Lauryn Evarts.

The new year is here and an entire new year of Couture will be coming down the runways. So so exciting, I know! Unfortunately, some of us still have our old year pounds clinging onto our bodies from the destructive holiday season.

Sadly all the eating and drinking ourselves festively out of our high fashion zippers and into our not even close to Haute Couture sweats set us back a few strides on the catwalk. You want to be able to fit back into your Couture, don't you?

Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential is here to help...

Lauryn Evarts

"Fitness instructor, skinnista, blogger, baker!"

The Skinny Confidential is a fabulous blog created by Lauryn to keep you in check and at your absolute best. She promotes a healthy (and skinny) lifestyle by sharing with you healthy eating habits, low-cal recipes, and amazing workouts to keep you thin and toned - aka all of your skinny sources in one spot!

Lauryn Evarts

"Skinny is a mindset and a lifestyle. Live it!"

Ever since Lauryn's blog, The Skinny Confidential, came out a few months ago, I have been completely obsessed! Every entry is a pathway to maintaining your skinny, which is a very important thing to maintain if you want to show off this season's runway statements in a way that the designers would be proud of!

I got a chance to interview Lauryn and get the skinny on shedding those gingerbread house decorating (eating) afternoons and champagne nights of feasting! Remember the memories, forget the bulge.

Here's what our fabulous skinnista had to say...

- What foods do you recommend up-ing and minimizing to get back into shape after the holidays?

I would recommend lots of veggies, fruits, proteins (eggs and tofu are my favorites) and water. I try to drink my body weight in ounces with water. It helps immensely in regards to weight loss. I am also trying to cut back on alcohol. I drink it sparingly. I feel like it's fine to go crazy during the holidays, as long as you know you're going to pay afterwards. I modify my diet post-New Year's Eve. Lately, everyday I have two ounces of wheat grass, a large veggie juice & a salad with protein for dinner. Breakfast is usually oatmeal with pumpkin spice, blueberries, bee pollen and ground flaxseed.

- What's your go-to food to keep you on track when you're craving the past holiday sweets?

Veggie juice. I stop by my local juicer and it's quick, easy and effective. It helps to keep me full too.

- Do you recommend following any cleanses to detox after this time of year?

Definitely. I feel like a detox is super effective after all the holiday eating and drink. I completed a cleanse last week found here: It was easy, besides the fact I craved a glass of red wine at night!

- What is your work-out schedule like on a weekly basis after the holidays to trim any excess "holiday cheer" that may have clung on?

I believe in breaking a sweat everyday. I try and live by this motto each and everyday. Working out to me is similar to brushing my teeth. I am so used to doing it, it's not a chore. I usually do cardio once or twice a week, Pilates three to four times week, Pure Barre twice a week and workout with my training group once a week. Lately I have been incorporating yoga in to my workout- it's amazing for stretching the muscles. I love working out it- it's therapeutic and allows me to clear my head.

- Is there a total all-body move that you find leans you out almost instantly?

Reformer Pilates allows me lengthen my muscles while toning them. It's also quick (forty minutes, check it out here: My boyfriend is impressed too with how much its changed my figure. I hate bulky muscles. Light weight keeps your metabolism going for thirty-two hours after a workout, as opposed to cardio which keeps it going for only two hours. I prefer light weights to cardio any day!

- Now that all the leftovers are gone from the kitchen, what are you cooking?

I am cooking constantly. I love quinoa pasta, fresh tomato sauces, fresh berry pies, whole wheat thin-crusted flatbreads, salads with light champagne dressings, veggie stir-frys, stuffed peppers and black bean and jalapeƱo tacos. I am not a big meat fan. I always say I am a "practicing vegan." I try to eat vegan 50% of the time. If I consume meat or fish it's usually turkey, tuna, chicken and/or turkey bacon.

Here is one of my skinny recipes: - I love these pancakes for a Sunday morning!

So with all of that being said, there is no reason why you shouldn't be back into runway shape for all of your favorite Spring collections.

Follow The Skinny Confidential and fit back into your Couture in no time!

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