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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ballerina Dreams.

If you were like me when you were young, you dreamed of being a ballerina. There was nothing that I wanted more than to twirl around in blushing pink on the tips of my toes, wear an elegant bun on top of my head, and be lifted gracefully up in the air by a strong T.D.H. (tall, dark, and handsome) prince...naturally.

Like most little girls, I took endless ballet classes until I reached the magical level of wearing pointe shoes...and then I quit.

Luckily, given up on becoming a famous ballerina or not, we're able to incorporate the beautiful style of ballet into our fashion and create a delicate, breathless image.

Rodarte S/S 2008

Chloe Spring 2011

Dior Spring 2009

Fendi Tulle Embellished Platforms

Christian Louboutin Ballet Stilletos

Without going straight for the runway version, which even I have to admit would be a bit extreme for day to day wear, here are a few ways to ballerina-ize yourself and not just by not eating (although in all honesty, that gives off a pretty great willowy effect):

Don a pulled back bun, tuck a flowy top into a tutu (or chiffon) inspired skirt, ditch the nude stockings and opt for a pale pink pair or perhaps ones with decorative seams running up the back, amplify your stride with lace up platform sandals (such as the Fendi pair shown above) in a pale pastel color.


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