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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rock-ette Those Legs Of Yours.

We all want our legs looking as long as a Rockette's this holiday (and always for that matter). However, sometimes the over-sized sweaters, matte tights, and chunky boots seem to expose us baring the opposite.

I've picked out three tricks to share with you that I use to lengthen my legs to their fullest. The first two definitely depend on your body in order to pull them off (I've been graced with a terribly flat boy shaped figure of all legs reaching 5'9, luckily to fulfill the requirements for the picks below). However, the third is so simple and can be used by all.

1. Become friendly with wide-leg trousers.

Roberto Cavalli Wide-Leg Pants

When dealing with wide-leg trousers, a high-waisted pair is key. The higher the waist reaches, the longer and leaner your legs will appear. There are a few exceptions to this of course - if you're on the shorter side or if you sport an apple, pear, or other fruit-shaped bottom...miracles are brought by Santa this holiday, not the high-waisted trouser unfortunately. Style your trousers with a button up with sheerness and flow to it...tucked in and slightly puckered for movement...or for a more structured look, opt for a fitted blazer. Boots and flats are a huge no. Heels are key. Double points for a fun pair of sky-high pumps.

2. The colorblock skirt with an over-sized sheer - not chunky - sweater.

Proenza Schouler Tweed Colorblock Pencil Skirt

Warning: hard to pull off, but fabulously effortlessly and put together if you can. I adore this sweater over the pencil skirt. The longer hemline surprisingly lengthens the leg by adding an illusion of questionability here - ratio of bare to covered leg. By pairing the skirt like the Proenza Schouler model did, with the sheer sweater draped casually over the skirt, another ratio is brought up to question bringing you to wonder how long of a torso is really under the sweater, and how much is leg. It's simple math really...I can't solve the equation, but I can tell you that the ratio works.

3. The most seamlessly easiest trick of them all.

Commando Zebra Legs Tights

Exchange your matte tights for a pair of sheer hose with a seam. Easy as that. Your legs will no longer look like tree trunks or a 5 year old girls...they will appear sexy, lean, and never ending. End of story.

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