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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pretty Woman.

As tempting as it is this holiday season to go walking down Rodeo Drive in your Juicy sweats or Lululemon yoga gear, pretending it's totally ok because you can indeed afford to shop the boutiques...full on baring (and protected by) the bright red patent leather Chanel bag you "threw on" with your scrubs...please spare yourself.

No salesperson will take you seriously, want to genuinely help you find your perfect gifts, or sadly even want you handling the beautiful products you reach for.

You might as well consider yourself a hooker...

I'm not saying you need to dress as if you're walking down the road during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, (I as much as you feel the intense chaos of this time of year)...but even if I'm planning on hitting a late afternoon sculpt class after my shopping cardio to get rid of the excess Christmas cocktails clinging onto my hips...I still manage to dress myself to shop.

Take a bath, brush your hair, dress yourself, throw on a pair of actual shoes, and walk like you intend to accomplish something. You'll get so much more done acting like you mean it, than shuffling along and getting lost in the crowd...or the slumpy poncho you tossed on.

Come on, if a hooker could do it
(and manage to snag a handsome billionaire),
you can to!

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