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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Dreaded Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, I hate more during the holidays than The Dreaded Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Who invented this horrible event condoning the idea that dressing yourself up in an unflattering, tacky sweater is okay? God forbid, in a public...festive setting???

If you invite me to your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (that I dread every year come December 1st) - and actually expect me (as your guest) to come dressed up in a frigid, itchy, unforgivable knit that makes me break out in hives within a 10 mile radius of my closet - I will have to politely decline my attendance, annually.

Yes, some people may think this themed party celebrating the unbearably clashing patterns on thick cable knit sweaters is humorous...some people may even think this themed party allowing a complete mess of an ensemble is convenient! Barf.

Pull your party (and yourself) together. This is a time for dressing festively, not fatally! May I suggest hosting a fabulous cocktail party, a casual potluck...or perhaps even a black tie dinner party for an intimate group of 30?

There are millions of options - a tree trimming get together, a Santa Claus movie marathon, a Christmas tea, a cookie decorating party, an intimate fireplace gathering, and so on - don't resort to allowing ugly Christmas sweaters near your festivities, let alone honoring an entire party to them!

Graciously yours,


  1. I wish every friday was ugly outfit day. Or outrageous outfit day. Or come to work in stapled paper plates day. A Santa Claus movie marathon? Yeesh...

  2. I totally agree! My inlaws are throwing one of these parties and I told my husband there is NO WAY I will wear an ugly sweater and let them have a picture of me like that. For years, I know they will use this image in all family photos of me. They'll Photoshop it in to non-christmas pictures! No way.

  3. Yes, I agree! Just say no to Ugly Sweater Parties!


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