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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Diva Dads.

I don't know if it's just a daughter/father thing, but my sisters and I have the hardest time in the world picking out presents for our dad - not just on Christmas, but for any occasion throughout the year. Anything he wants, he bought yesterday, and anything he hasn't bought yesterday, he doesn't want.

This year we demanded straight up what our father wants for Christmas and to our surprise he didn't answer his typical response of "nothing" or "golf balls."

My father requested a very specific gift this year. He asked for a handmade, black leather duffel bag. Not just your typical "obnoxious diva L.V. duffel bag (damier to be exact) that we got you last Christmas," but worse! He picked out a beautiful piece, handmade in Scotland...only 6 months out of the year. Talk about an obnoxious runs in the family.

So, we ordered that of course, it will come when it comes. But what else to throw underneath the Christmas tree for the man who already has everything he wants and more? (Like most fathers in our generation, no matter what income is made throughout the year). The New York Times Style Magazine inspired us as always (our father only considers The New York Times to be relevant news - and yes, he currently resides here in San Diego) and so did Neiman Marcus, standard.

Here are some great picks we're wrapping for underneath our Christmas tree when all the money and thought in the world doesn't even impact our practically difficult father this time of year...

Cocktail Kingdom
Extra Large Weighted Mixing Glass

Anthony Logistics for Men
Body Cleansing Gels in Eucalyptus Mint and Peppermint

Tom Ford
Velvet Bow Tie
(available in boutique only)

Renzo Romagnoli Backgammon Set

Neiman Marcus
"KeyPad Ultra" for iPad

Conclusion to this post: Our Dads are really just big grown up boys this time of year. They enjoy tinkering and playing with their toys Christmas Day just like they did when they were kids. Wrap up something fun, and it won't fail to be a hit!

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