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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Carried By Your Clutch.

A clutch is a key staple to any evening outfit. As perfectly complimentary as it may be to your look, this is one instance where it's about what's on the inside that really counts...

Don't make the mistake of leaving an important home and suffering later because it doesn't fit into the small proximity of space...and on the contrary, stuffing in your entire contents of your Fendi Hobo is a definite no.

Here are a few things that are absolute essentials to tuck into your Judith Leiber for the next time you hit the town...along with a couple must leave behinds...

- Your signature lip color of the night.
Be it your Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Color in Smoke Red (my usual), or your favorite YSL nude, pick one and stick with it. I highly doubt you'll be changing it up throughout the night unless you're participating in multiple wardrobe changes, which then in that case you will have a private dressing room with your name on it and not a clutch to carrying your evening's worth of necessities - ditch the five shades and only bring the one you plan on wearing. If you need a lip gloss to finish off a matte lipstick, of course pack that in as well...but once again, one, not five.

-Fragrance in a sample size.
Do not bring your enormous 12 oz Chanel No. 5 eau de parfum. Do you seriously need multiple ounces of fragrance with you for one night? I certainly hope not. Bring along a sample of your scent for the night and leave it at that. You probably won't be applying more than once, and that one time will only be a couple spritzes. This is the precise reason why Saks gives you samples of the same hundred dollar fragrance that you just bought...they're not stupid and forgot what you bought when they throw in the same fragrance testers, it's not to "test" - it's to have with you when you don't want to lug around a huge bottle! Saks is courteous like that.

-Fashion tape.
Could your strap snap? Could your zipper break? Could a hem snag? Could a boob pop? Could a nasty bitch snag your Lanvin chiffon cocktail dress with her huge cheap Forever 21 ring? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! These are all sad possibilities that are night ruining if you let them be. Forget bringing along a positive "I'm still going to have fun even though my outfit is ruined" attitude - just bring along some fashion tape for crying out loud! Accidents happen, and they're so easy to fix with a simple bit of adhesive.

-Mascara, curlers, glue, oh my!
You've already cemented on that Dior Show Black Out mascara, don't bring the enormous tube along with you. Unless you plan on crying at some point during the night, you won't need it. And if you plan on crying at some point during the yourself ahead of time and don't go out! Eyelash curlers? Do people even use those anymore? Don't bring along the torture-esque looking tool. It's scary, god forbid it falls out of your clutch and onto your man's lap. Eyelash glue is a must. If you are wearing false eyelashes, no matter how attached you think they are, they can quite possibly fall off and make it appear as if a spider is attacking your eyeball. This is not the look, bring the glue. Once again, accidents happen, and they're so easy to fix with a simple bit of adhesive.

-Cold, hard, cash.
Your Neimans card is no good here for club entry or valet tips. For posh drinks, it may be accepted...but honey, you don't need to buy your own drinks if you follow this blog. Bring along cash suitable to your spending and expenses - and a little extra for odd situations that may occur after popping one too many bottles of champagne (I'm not talking for hookers and blow...I'm talking about spur of the moment cab rides or paying off the savvy girl in the bathroom who brought fashion tape along and you didn't when your dress unexpectedly shreds into confetti).

-Misc. items of importance.
A house key, mints or gum (just a small pack, not Costco economy quantities), your cell phone, I.D., and maybe your boyfriend's business card for when a baller wants to buy a house and your other half just so happens to be in real estate...

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