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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Dressing.

Thanksgiving, whether we admit to it or not, may be one of the most unfashionable holidays that we look forward to celebrating all year long. Feasting on birds and pies does not leave very much room for squeezing into our most structured couture...even if you gave up eating for a week prior to the gluttonious holiday.

Just because you plan on gorging yourself on the incredible food your family, friends, or favorite restaurant to-go box has prepared for you this decadent holiday - which I, by all means plan on doing - doesn't mean you need to whip out the 'pregnant' tops and sausage casing-like leggings. You can enjoy every bite of your stuffing and every sip of your Manhattan in a fashionable way by finding a happy wardrobe medium.

Here's how to not look like the fat bird you ate on Thanksgiving...

1. One word, repeat it three times: Tunic, Tunic, Tunic. These are your best friend when you plan on eating and want to keep looking chic. Tory Burch, Haute Hippie, Rachel Zoe, etc...Lanvin also has some amazing draped tunic dresses that I throw on every year without a second thought.

Peggy Tunic
Tory Burch

See, this model may have eaten a burger before her shoot, but you would never know - this Tunic makes her look fab and is a camouflage to all carbs. Food takes a long time to show on your face, so even if you need to squeeze in 4 Thanksgivings, you should still "appear" to be perfectly sucked-in in this option.

2. What to pair with your tunic? Opt for matte tights - in black, dark purple, navy - or a pair of fabulously structured leggings. Fabulously structured leggings are leggings that have crafty stitching running down the sides of the hem to suck in your cellulite and not just cut you off in one finalizing stitch (cuff) at the ankle - known as the sausage casing leg act you never want to pull.

'Ottoman' Seamed Leggings

No sheer nylons, unless your tunic hangs extra long or is more of a Tunic-dress style (think mid thigh). By all means, if you want to whip out the black skinnies or a hot pair of trousers go for it, but if you at all have to consider unbuttoning the top button mid-nosh I'm going to throw up...this is just repulsive.

3. This is the only time I will ever, and I mean ever, tell you to forget about your shoes for once. Not important. This holiday, your shoes will not, be your outfit's statement. Remember that Sex & the City episode when Carrie Bradshaw goes to her friend's baby shower and is required to take off her statement pair of Manolos, which tragically end up mysteriously disappearing?

Chances are, you will be celebrating Thanksgiving in an intimate environment...which may require you to take off your shoes. Even if you aren't required, you may want to snuggle up on the couch post-attack sans your hooker heels. Leave your shoes at the door, don't wear stockings with runs or holes, try to match your socks (although, anyone who knows me knows that I am always incapable of doing this), and if your feet are going bare make sure to have indulged in a pedicure - no one wants Shrek feet on the creep.

4. Draw attention away from your actual body-framing clothes with fabulous accessories. If you're wearing a fabulous Bulgari cocktail ring, perhaps a cuff of chinchilla around your neck, or a chic Hermés shawl wrapped around your shoulders, no one is going to gaze for a second at anything else.

Julianne Moore is 500 years old, as pale as Casper, and is surrounded by large birds. She's wearing the coveted emerald Bulgari earrings and I bet you didn't even notice she was naked. That's how powerful a fabulous accessory is.

5. Don't count your calories, be grateful for the food you are being served, and cherish your company. Be thankful for this day that falls only one day a year.

Oh, and don't forget to get your rest!
You have a lot of retail cardio to fit in the next morning!

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