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Monday, November 21, 2011

SUR Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump, Oo la laa.

This past Friday, we decided to get out of San Diego and head up to LA for a mini 3-day weekend trip. A few hot nights out were in store for us, Rodeo Drive was a given, and of course, we stayed at my home away from home, the Roosevelt Hotel.

My absolute favorite part of our standard bougie trip was our last night spent at SUR Restaurant.


Every time I plan on going to Sur, for either dinner or drinks, I always end up staying the entire night. The sexy, romantic environment makes it a place I never want to leave for anywhere else.

Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Price at SUR Restaurant.

I urge you to make an appearance at this trendy, exotic hot spot, but I require you to take my advice in dressing yourself appropriately before you step foot in the door.

Let's keep this restaurant Sexy and Unique.

1. "Comfortable" shoes...leave them in your closet (or throw them in the trash, "comfort" is rarely sexy for any occasion). This is not a place where you are required to troll around, bump and shake, or do any form of high energy moving. Get out your sky high YSL pumps, strap on your itty bitty Manolos, or slip into your favorite pair of red soles. A hot pair of booties or knee-high boots, to tuck your Givenchy riding-inspired pants into, are perfectly acceptable for a more casual look.

2. I'd definitely ditch the denim for a dress. Guys may pull off a hot pair of dark-washed jeans, but it's best for you to be pulling off something with a little more sex appeal. You're not a man, don't dress in something a man would wear. You can't go wrong with a LBD, and Herve Leger is always nice...but read up on Herve Leger Bandage Dress Crimes first. Let's not commit any if you go this route.

3. Fur is hot. Always. There is nothing better to throw over your shoulder than a little furry cover-up, just in case the chilled bottle of Rosé brought to your table makes you shiver.

4. You don't need your huge Chanel bag dangling from your shoulder in this intimate restaurant. You will not be doing any sort of business here that requires anything out of an enormously structured bag. Try a clutch or a small cross-body bag - Judith Leiber, Lanvin, and Chanel taken down a notch and reduced to one chain instead of two are great options. Make it fun with exotic leathers...and there is never anything wrong with a little sparkle, in good taste of course.

5. Dress your date, or better yet choose a date who is a good dresser - be it your boyfriend of the night or a group of girlfriends - don't let them make you look bad. The people you are with are your boldest accessory. My boyfriend is perfection when it comes to dressing as a compliment to me. He's always polished, always fashion forward, and always supplies an article of clothing, in some shape or form, that has the exact shade of whatever dress I'm wearing (tie, dress shirt...he even wore a fabulous pair of matted violet pants from Saks to match one of my outfits one night).

If you think you can follow these tips, make a reservation today...

606 North Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

310 289 2824

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