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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stylish San Diego Cocktails.

There is nothing I love more than going out and spotting a deliciously glamorous cocktail on the menu, as if it was made just for me and my outfit that night. As much as I never ever mind having to resort to chic champagne when nothing quite catches my eye, it is always such a treat to order a refreshing new cocktail with a fabulous name. After all, your cocktail in hand is as much of an accessory as your carefully chosen cocktail ring!

Here are a few of my favorite stylish cocktails here in San Diego that I like to accessorize with...

1. Condesa Güera American Dry Gin; Stylish or snobby? You decide. Gin, Cointreau, and citrus. 8.5

El Take it Easy, a little dark hipster-esque spot located in North Park, San Diego, had incredible house cocktails. The Condesa Güera was an instant choice for me just last night simply based off of the description...not only did it come out in a fabulous frosted martini glass, but every sip was icily refreshing! My friends chose other delicious drinks including the Paloma, Cactus Cooler, and of course...Satan's Playground...all sipped under dim lighting and candles.

2. Dirty Girl; Gin, Cucumber Water, Serrano Chile, Soda $12

Searsucker, located in the heart the Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, serves up authentic (and fantastically strong) handcrafted drinks that get me on quite a good one - after one! My favorite is the Dirty Girl, low calorie and served at an iceberg level of cold, it is a choice I always come back to. The spicy bite is camouflaged within the clear contents of the drink, making it a stylish pick no one will mess around with. Matches fabulously with fur...or seersucker.

2. Cleopatra; Plymouth Gin, Lillet, saffron, golden raisins $9

Starlite, located off India Street in San Diego, is an ├╝ber-ly chic casual spot for a creative drink. The Cleopatra cocktail is my ideal. Gold in color, it was an obvious pick. Not to mention the name - yes, there was a time where I dyed my hair black and chopped out bangs to convinced everyone that I was Egyptian and an ancestor of the Queen of the Nile. This drink is posh, sexy, and not at all naive.

4. 007; shaken, not stirred.

The Whaling Bar is my very favorite place, in perhaps the entire world, to get a stylish cocktail. Reason why? The dark, mysterious atmosphere, the poshest undercover celebrities sitting next to you, and the memories made...and My weapon of mass destruction - a 007 (aka Vesper). There is no way to possibly make your drink order more violently fierce than to order this. The key ingredient is Lillet, which is a liquor that unfortunately most spots do not carry. I can't put a price on this drink because it is stylishly priceless...and us, being repeated offenders and the bartender's favorites, usually are not set a price.

Key ingredients for a stylish drink: a Martini glass, anything Gin, a twist of something sexy, and for an added punch...

Tom Ford Lipstick

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