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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From Cleo to Glitzy Goddess.

I like to be creative and make my own costumes for Halloween, however sometimes there is simply not the time...or the inspiration.

This year I went to my favorite little boutique that I depend on every October, to browse the hottest costumes - Jolie Femme in Del Mar. Year after year the owner supplies her clients with costumes of amazing quality and high exclusivity. Some are pre-ordered costumes (the typical sexy nurses, french maids, school teachers, and other "naughty" professions), but most of the costumes are ordered straight from the stacks of costume books - allowing you to be whatever your heart desires...given a day or two advance for shipping.

I was flipping through the catalogs with a specific costume in mind. My boyfriend and I decided on being mythological this year...with a heavy side of gold accents - we were a Greek God and Goddess, of course. We came up with some pretty crazy ideas this year, so the second something with no face paint, wigs, or extra bumps (i.e. Jay-Z and Beyoncé...pregnant) came to mind, we settled on it.

After browsing page after page of "Goddess" options, nothing really struck me as something I'd want to wear for a full night. I'm already costume-couture-less-phobic as it is...the long, white, sheet-inspired "Goddess Gowns" just couldn't be bothered.

Completely discouraged and wanting to change our costume idea entirely I suddenly found my starting point. An old Cleopatra costume ordered last year by a woman and never picked up was hanging in a corner (who knows what she ended up wearing that year). Originally a $100 plus costume - which, no thank you...I'd rather use that as a down payment towards a new pair of red soles - marked down to under $20, sold!

I went home, chopped, tore, re-tacked, and 20 minutes later invented my own Greek Goddess creation. I gathered some serious gold pieces out of my Mom's treasured, vintage jewelry stash and turned myself into a very Glitzy Goddess besides my Golden-sashed God.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! Now, it's time to get these posts back in the Couture state of mind!

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