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Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding Inspiration.

Never have I been so completely uninspired to post anything. No (now dated) Fall Collection, no Bergdorf Goodman daily email feature, not even a measly little YouTube video on the "behind the scenes" of some creative designer's latest collaboration with brilliance, did I feel somewhat compelled to share.

We can blame it on the weather...

I spent a lot of this weekend on the couch snuggled up, watching movies of beautiful women making extraordinary fashion statements; the Bond women in their elegantly provocative gowns, Parker Posey in vintage Givenchy, and the Fashion Hunters trying to "steal" a model's Catherine Malandrino...ok, not so extraordinary, but certainly a statement on Bravo TV.

We can blame it on no "in hand" fashion accessibility...

I received the greatest message from my Herve Leger stylist saying that she had just gotten in a ton of new pieces, in my size...and 30% off. I came in, they were set out on a rack for me, all fit like the perfect bandage glove to my frame, and I walked out with two ridiculously fabulous dresses (I told my boyfriend I had only bought one...shh).

We can blame it on Vogue getting lost in the mail...

Who am I kidding...the beautifully fashion-bound monthly bible arrived in my mailbox to the second. Thank you mailman.

I had all the inspiration in the world, it was just all locked up in me.

Sometimes when things are so incredible, and mean so much to oneself, they are hard to share. Sometimes we fear we won't be able to share them to the full extent of beauty that they are...or at least to the brilliance that we see within them. Sometimes it's a thing of greed instead of fear, and we simply want to keep these fabulous things to ourselves, because we think we're the ones who appreciate them the most.

This is why it is so important to always be able to find your own inspiration. No matter where you may seek it in a film, off a rack, between pages...always seek it, even if it's only for yourself to cherish. You'll find a way to share later.

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