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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stylish San Diego Cocktails.

There is nothing I love more than going out and spotting a deliciously glamorous cocktail on the menu, as if it was made just for me and my outfit that night. As much as I never ever mind having to resort to chic champagne when nothing quite catches my eye, it is always such a treat to order a refreshing new cocktail with a fabulous name. After all, your cocktail in hand is as much of an accessory as your carefully chosen cocktail ring!

Here are a few of my favorite stylish cocktails here in San Diego that I like to accessorize with...

1. Condesa Güera American Dry Gin; Stylish or snobby? You decide. Gin, Cointreau, and citrus. 8.5

El Take it Easy, a little dark hipster-esque spot located in North Park, San Diego, had incredible house cocktails. The Condesa Güera was an instant choice for me just last night simply based off of the description...not only did it come out in a fabulous frosted martini glass, but every sip was icily refreshing! My friends chose other delicious drinks including the Paloma, Cactus Cooler, and of course...Satan's Playground...all sipped under dim lighting and candles.

2. Dirty Girl; Gin, Cucumber Water, Serrano Chile, Soda $12

Searsucker, located in the heart the Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, serves up authentic (and fantastically strong) handcrafted drinks that get me on quite a good one - after one! My favorite is the Dirty Girl, low calorie and served at an iceberg level of cold, it is a choice I always come back to. The spicy bite is camouflaged within the clear contents of the drink, making it a stylish pick no one will mess around with. Matches fabulously with fur...or seersucker.

2. Cleopatra; Plymouth Gin, Lillet, saffron, golden raisins $9

Starlite, located off India Street in San Diego, is an über-ly chic casual spot for a creative drink. The Cleopatra cocktail is my ideal. Gold in color, it was an obvious pick. Not to mention the name - yes, there was a time where I dyed my hair black and chopped out bangs to convinced everyone that I was Egyptian and an ancestor of the Queen of the Nile. This drink is posh, sexy, and not at all naive.

4. 007; shaken, not stirred.

The Whaling Bar is my very favorite place, in perhaps the entire world, to get a stylish cocktail. Reason why? The dark, mysterious atmosphere, the poshest undercover celebrities sitting next to you, and the memories made...and My weapon of mass destruction - a 007 (aka Vesper). There is no way to possibly make your drink order more violently fierce than to order this. The key ingredient is Lillet, which is a liquor that unfortunately most spots do not carry. I can't put a price on this drink because it is stylishly priceless...and us, being repeated offenders and the bartender's favorites, usually are not set a price.

Key ingredients for a stylish drink: a Martini glass, anything Gin, a twist of something sexy, and for an added punch...

Tom Ford Lipstick

Friday, November 25, 2011

Abi Ferrin San Diego Showcase

Designer Abi Ferrin is making a special appearance in San Diego to show off her fabulous upcoming spring collection, inspired by Salvador Dalí and Georgia O'Keefe's desert paintings.

Ferrin's line contains strong high notes including trendy, exotic prints and bold, one of a kind clutches. The clutches are what really sold this collection to me though.

Abi Ferrin's clutches are part of her Freedom Project, "helping disenfranchised women create a sustainable, independent life," and are each customized with buttons or toggles handcrafted by Cambodian women.

For attending the Abi Ferrin showcase, a free clutch will be included with a purchase. This is definitely something to not miss out on! Seeing that it's a given you'll be leaving with a purchase...why not snag a hot clutch too?


University Towne Centre
4321 La Jolla Village Drive
San Diego, CA 92122

November 26, 2011
11:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Dressing.

Thanksgiving, whether we admit to it or not, may be one of the most unfashionable holidays that we look forward to celebrating all year long. Feasting on birds and pies does not leave very much room for squeezing into our most structured couture...even if you gave up eating for a week prior to the gluttonious holiday.

Just because you plan on gorging yourself on the incredible food your family, friends, or favorite restaurant to-go box has prepared for you this decadent holiday - which I, by all means plan on doing - doesn't mean you need to whip out the 'pregnant' tops and sausage casing-like leggings. You can enjoy every bite of your stuffing and every sip of your Manhattan in a fashionable way by finding a happy wardrobe medium.

Here's how to not look like the fat bird you ate on Thanksgiving...

1. One word, repeat it three times: Tunic, Tunic, Tunic. These are your best friend when you plan on eating and want to keep looking chic. Tory Burch, Haute Hippie, Rachel Zoe, etc...Lanvin also has some amazing draped tunic dresses that I throw on every year without a second thought.

Peggy Tunic
Tory Burch

See, this model may have eaten a burger before her shoot, but you would never know - this Tunic makes her look fab and is a camouflage to all carbs. Food takes a long time to show on your face, so even if you need to squeeze in 4 Thanksgivings, you should still "appear" to be perfectly sucked-in in this option.

2. What to pair with your tunic? Opt for matte tights - in black, dark purple, navy - or a pair of fabulously structured leggings. Fabulously structured leggings are leggings that have crafty stitching running down the sides of the hem to suck in your cellulite and not just cut you off in one finalizing stitch (cuff) at the ankle - known as the sausage casing leg act you never want to pull.

'Ottoman' Seamed Leggings

No sheer nylons, unless your tunic hangs extra long or is more of a Tunic-dress style (think mid thigh). By all means, if you want to whip out the black skinnies or a hot pair of trousers go for it, but if you at all have to consider unbuttoning the top button mid-nosh I'm going to throw up...this is just repulsive.

3. This is the only time I will ever, and I mean ever, tell you to forget about your shoes for once. Not important. This holiday, your shoes will not, be your outfit's statement. Remember that Sex & the City episode when Carrie Bradshaw goes to her friend's baby shower and is required to take off her statement pair of Manolos, which tragically end up mysteriously disappearing?

Chances are, you will be celebrating Thanksgiving in an intimate environment...which may require you to take off your shoes. Even if you aren't required, you may want to snuggle up on the couch post-attack sans your hooker heels. Leave your shoes at the door, don't wear stockings with runs or holes, try to match your socks (although, anyone who knows me knows that I am always incapable of doing this), and if your feet are going bare make sure to have indulged in a pedicure - no one wants Shrek feet on the creep.

4. Draw attention away from your actual body-framing clothes with fabulous accessories. If you're wearing a fabulous Bulgari cocktail ring, perhaps a cuff of chinchilla around your neck, or a chic Hermés shawl wrapped around your shoulders, no one is going to gaze for a second at anything else.

Julianne Moore is 500 years old, as pale as Casper, and is surrounded by large birds. She's wearing the coveted emerald Bulgari earrings and I bet you didn't even notice she was naked. That's how powerful a fabulous accessory is.

5. Don't count your calories, be grateful for the food you are being served, and cherish your company. Be thankful for this day that falls only one day a year.

Oh, and don't forget to get your rest!
You have a lot of retail cardio to fit in the next morning!

Monday, November 21, 2011

SUR Restaurant, Lisa Vanderpump, Oo la laa.

This past Friday, we decided to get out of San Diego and head up to LA for a mini 3-day weekend trip. A few hot nights out were in store for us, Rodeo Drive was a given, and of course, we stayed at my home away from home, the Roosevelt Hotel.

My absolute favorite part of our standard bougie trip was our last night spent at SUR Restaurant.


Every time I plan on going to Sur, for either dinner or drinks, I always end up staying the entire night. The sexy, romantic environment makes it a place I never want to leave for anywhere else.

Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Price at SUR Restaurant.

I urge you to make an appearance at this trendy, exotic hot spot, but I require you to take my advice in dressing yourself appropriately before you step foot in the door.

Let's keep this restaurant Sexy and Unique.

1. "Comfortable" shoes...leave them in your closet (or throw them in the trash, "comfort" is rarely sexy for any occasion). This is not a place where you are required to troll around, bump and shake, or do any form of high energy moving. Get out your sky high YSL pumps, strap on your itty bitty Manolos, or slip into your favorite pair of red soles. A hot pair of booties or knee-high boots, to tuck your Givenchy riding-inspired pants into, are perfectly acceptable for a more casual look.

2. I'd definitely ditch the denim for a dress. Guys may pull off a hot pair of dark-washed jeans, but it's best for you to be pulling off something with a little more sex appeal. You're not a man, don't dress in something a man would wear. You can't go wrong with a LBD, and Herve Leger is always nice...but read up on Herve Leger Bandage Dress Crimes first. Let's not commit any if you go this route.

3. Fur is hot. Always. There is nothing better to throw over your shoulder than a little furry cover-up, just in case the chilled bottle of Rosé brought to your table makes you shiver.

4. You don't need your huge Chanel bag dangling from your shoulder in this intimate restaurant. You will not be doing any sort of business here that requires anything out of an enormously structured bag. Try a clutch or a small cross-body bag - Judith Leiber, Lanvin, and Chanel taken down a notch and reduced to one chain instead of two are great options. Make it fun with exotic leathers...and there is never anything wrong with a little sparkle, in good taste of course.

5. Dress your date, or better yet choose a date who is a good dresser - be it your boyfriend of the night or a group of girlfriends - don't let them make you look bad. The people you are with are your boldest accessory. My boyfriend is perfection when it comes to dressing as a compliment to me. He's always polished, always fashion forward, and always supplies an article of clothing, in some shape or form, that has the exact shade of whatever dress I'm wearing (tie, dress shirt...he even wore a fabulous pair of matted violet pants from Saks to match one of my outfits one night).

If you think you can follow these tips, make a reservation today...

606 North Robertson Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

310 289 2824

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wizard of Rodarte.

You didn't need to know that Kate and Laura Mulleavy had been watching the Terrence Malick movie Days of Heaven to ascertain that the sisters had taken the American Plains as their latest inspiration. The clues weren't exactly hard to follow on today's runway: silk gowns printed with a wheat field at the hem, ankle-grazing prairie coats, leather and ponyskin separates with geometric insets that called to mind quilts. The only items that might have thrown you off the scent were the pair of ruby red party dresses at the end. But as Kate explained afterward, "We couldn't go to Nebraska and Kansas and not do a Wizard of Oz reference."
- Nicole Phelps

I love Nicole Phelps's words she uses to introduce this collection in her article reporting on Rodarte's Fall 2011 collection on - I couldn't have summarized this collection in any better way.

I love Rodarte more than some of my oldest and most treasured Manolos perched delicately in my closet. What I love about this designer are the drastic differences between collections (i.e. Spring to Fall collections never look in any way, shape, or form similar or transitional) and the complete liberation away from typical seasonal color schemes (i.e. the tans and pastel blues in the Fall 2011 looks).

Rodarte is structurally bold yet has the ease of a draped simplistic nature, Rodarte is elegant yet casually chic, Rodarte is signature.

Take a peek at some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2011 collection...

View the rest of the Rodarte collection here.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Finding Inspiration.

Never have I been so completely uninspired to post anything. No (now dated) Fall Collection, no Bergdorf Goodman daily email feature, not even a measly little YouTube video on the "behind the scenes" of some creative designer's latest collaboration with brilliance, did I feel somewhat compelled to share.

We can blame it on the weather...

I spent a lot of this weekend on the couch snuggled up, watching movies of beautiful women making extraordinary fashion statements; the Bond women in their elegantly provocative gowns, Parker Posey in vintage Givenchy, and the Fashion Hunters trying to "steal" a model's Catherine Malandrino...ok, not so extraordinary, but certainly a statement on Bravo TV.

We can blame it on no "in hand" fashion accessibility...

I received the greatest message from my Herve Leger stylist saying that she had just gotten in a ton of new pieces, in my size...and 30% off. I came in, they were set out on a rack for me, all fit like the perfect bandage glove to my frame, and I walked out with two ridiculously fabulous dresses (I told my boyfriend I had only bought one...shh).

We can blame it on Vogue getting lost in the mail...

Who am I kidding...the beautifully fashion-bound monthly bible arrived in my mailbox to the second. Thank you mailman.

I had all the inspiration in the world, it was just all locked up in me.

Sometimes when things are so incredible, and mean so much to oneself, they are hard to share. Sometimes we fear we won't be able to share them to the full extent of beauty that they are...or at least to the brilliance that we see within them. Sometimes it's a thing of greed instead of fear, and we simply want to keep these fabulous things to ourselves, because we think we're the ones who appreciate them the most.

This is why it is so important to always be able to find your own inspiration. No matter where you may seek it in a film, off a rack, between pages...always seek it, even if it's only for yourself to cherish. You'll find a way to share later.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Givenchy Frost

Above ad campaign may be of Givenchy's Spring/Summer 2011 collection...but it's so freezingly fashionable, I think it deserves to stay put in your wardrobe through Winter.

The bold black and white blocks mix with any of this Winter's current trends and the structural elements of the pieces only become stronger with an overcoat (although don't be surprised if you choose the cold over covering up).

This collection severely frosts everything it comes in contact with, even the red soles of your Louboutins may turn an eerie shade of icy purple.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ruthie Davis.

Modern, sleek, sexy, and beyond fierce - Ruthie Davis is a hot line of shoes and handbags that I am so so obsessed with right now. Ruthie Davis pieces are the perfect accents to make your night out outfit a complete, screamingly chic, statement.

See for yourself...

For me, the black and gold absolutely sells the collection to me, and these are pieces I would wear out in a heartbeat. However, Ruthie Gold has some pretty fabulous pieces that add a bold bust of color to your wardrobe...

- View the full Fall 2011 collection of shoes here.
- View the full Fall 2011 collection of handbags here.

Or just go shop Ruthie Davis here!

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