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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jewels by Dunn.

I'm really excited about this next jewelry collection I'm about to share on here. It's my latest jewelry obsession as of last week and I couldn't wait any longer to post about it!

"Highly influenced by art-deco,
rock n roll and glamour culture."

The jewelry line is called Jewels by Dunn, owned by the talented and fun Miami Beach, Florida designer Taryn Aronson. Noticed at a young age as a third generation jewelry designer, Taryn Aronson had an incredibly unique and personal approach to fashion jewelry. Starting early on, Taryn Aronson made gorgeous handcrafted jewelry for herself and friends, gradually building relationships with personal acquaintances and referrals...she then began to produce her own line known as Jewels by Dunn. Taryn Aronson's attention to detail within the purely hand made, locally produced jewelry, allows for limited production - making these pieces truly rare finds!

"Each unique piece is hand made in South Florida from materials imported from India, Instanbul, Turkey, and Hong Kong. She includes semi precious stones, vermeil and .925 sterling silver accenting, and vintage elements in her unique designs."

You know how much of a sucker I am for anything involving materials from all over the world, beautiful mixes of gemstones and metals, and one of a kind pieces - and Jewels by Dunn is exactly that!

Here are a few of my very favorite pieces (and trust me, narrowing it down to "very favorite" was SO hard to do)...

I also got a chance to speak with Taryn Aronson briefly and ask her what pieces she really loved out of the collection and she gladly shared...

It's all about the snakeskin and bright skulls!

Just after looking through the dozens and dozens of gorgeous images to use for this post on my computer screen, I got this huge craving to just grab as many Jewels by Dunn bracelets as I can find, pile them up on my wrists, and shake my arms in the air! As I said, obsessed.

Find a list of Jewels by Dunn retailers near you here:

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