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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Wild.

The Wild

I was feeling a little wild at Nordstrom's Savvy department the other day and naturally, the Wild Skinny by Joe's Jeans got in the way of my prowl. I couldn't resist. Wild AND skinny? That streams in perfectly with my style DNA.

These jeans are made of a great stretch fabric but don't quite cross the line of obscenely tight. Perfect for a night out. I'm pairing mine with a great pair of black Givenchy cage heels that I have in my closet. These Louboutin's hit the right step too...

Lately, I've been super into these sheer Clueless-esque blouses inspired by Cher. I think they look so amazing thrown on over any type of skinny. It's my serious go-to right now. I have them in all colors because they're just so chic and polished looking without being stuffy or uncomfortable!

Of course, I'm ditching the cropped sweater vest (yikes!) and taking it down a notch for the night time with a black sheer blouse...but you get the idea. A tank isn't always necessary under these flimsy numbers either - a black lace bandeau top does the trick by covering up, but still giving in to the nudity concept.

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