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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The queens of vintage.
The sheiks of sequins and the sultans of studs.
The secret source of tastemakers across the globe.


NASTY GAL, founded in 2006, is the hottest place to find your coveted vintage clothing and accessories, as well as new desirable designer pieces. All of the pieces on NASTY GAL are handpicked, selected in a completely unique fashion, and come with an awesome history pertaining specifically to the piece itself. Not only does NASTY GAL sell the amazing treasures they find, but they also offer great styling ideas to the fashion obsessed throughout their website and blog - as NASTY GAL says, "just lurk regularly for style inspiration."

(Who I absolutely adore...)

Owner Sophia Amoruso has been combing the racks, pressing the pleats, and snapping the shutter for NASTY GAL since its inception. In her free time, she enjoys a good Salade Nicoise, a sturdy pair of platforms, and twirling around the studio every so often while blasting disco.

Here are some incredible images I found on NASTY GAL that are definitely revamping and inspiring some new ensembles created via my wardrobe (and my order I just submitted on NASTY GAL)...

P.S. NASTY GAL has the most amazing leopard inventory! I'm telling you, they're really wild with it! NASTY GAL currently has an awesome pair of leopard pants similar to The Wild (Joe's Jeans) I bought the other day...and they come not only with fun zipper pockets but $40 in the pocket too, because they're that much cheaper!!!

Leo Zip Pants by PlayMe Jeans

Time for you now to get on the bandwagon...
Shop NASTY GAL here!

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