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Friday, September 2, 2011

Miu Miu Nior Sunglasses.

The more I see of Miu Miu, the more obsessed I become.

I've always been familiar with the Miu Miu line and very interested in seeing what they've come up with for their next season's collection...but lately I've got it bad. I pretend I don't know what triggered this sudden change in my Miu Miu outlook, but I think my fascination escalated last month in particular, when I stepped into the Miu Miu store in Las Vegas and without evening thinking, found myself walking around the store for a good half an hour in a beautiful mustard colored rabbit fur coat...who did I think I was?

After that long preface into my obsession...naturally, I am going to share with you my newest want, lust, need, must-have-right-this-second:

Miu Miu Nior Sunglasses

Inspired by the 1940's film noir, these sunglasses give off an amazing retro-chic vibe. I've always been all about the cat-eyed sunglasses, ever since Breakfast at Tiffany's of course, but I haven't been totally sold on the current styles we have in department stores today. (For instance, Chanel's take on the cat-eyed frame...slightly disappointing).

The Noir line by Miu Miu however, is so playful and fun! Take a peek...

And if you're not totally loving the glitter or the tortoiseshell...

They do come in black!

All priced at $390.00, these sunglasses are such a great buy. They won't be in stores for another month or two, so definitely keep an eye out for them! I know my eyes can't wait to get behind them soon enough!

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