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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


“Her creations are designed with the stylish, highly individualistic and cosmopolitan woman in mind… Amy has managed to combine effortless style with a timeless appeal.”

I read this quote on designer, Amy Marie Goetz, and I immediately had to see what her women's wear line, AMG Designs, was all about. After viewing a few of her incredible pieces, I have to ask...was this collection MADE for my closet?

"Based on "Exclusive," style in fabric selection and modern drape detail, all styles are created with an idea to maintain elegance while introducing a modern silhouette."

Not only does her collection radiate with confidence and sophistication for the above and beyond woman, but it also has a high content of sex appeal mixed in for an added kick. Her pieces are made with modern aesthetic and kept in high exclusivity. AMG pieces are only available by appointment or online.

Tell me this isn't intriguing...AMG's designs are made up of evening wear collections, short dresses, skirts, and tops, all pieces that are key stapes in a woman's closet - which I love! I don't know how many times I find myself telling people I only have clothes for yoga, shopping, and going out...oh, and fur for around the house.

I know you must be dying to see some of these fabulously rare pieces, so here are a few of my favorites:

A Kiss of the Orchid








P.S. Is that gorgeous Lisa dress a coincidence? Or was it just meant for my dress rack?

AMG is now offering Custom Design by appointment only at the AMG West Hollywood Fashion Studio.

To do this, email

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