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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


"A collaboration of women from seven continents was formed, collecting embroidery work old and new. A stitch from every continent inspired the name 7 Stitches."

Ethnic Celebration
Stripe Embroidered Cuff Bracelet
Code: CF-1001

Recently I was browsing along through my Newsfeed on Facebook when I came across an intriguing post made by 7Stitches. Not being familiar of the name, I clicked on the 7Stitches webpage and came across the most uniquely raw jewelry I had ever seen. In beautiful bold colors, 7Stitches pieces screamed of passion and culture. It was then, when I heard my jewelry collection scream as well...begging me to fill it with my own assortment of 7Stitches pieces.

"Collaborating with women from seven continents all cultures and religions, we create wearable art that embodies and celebrates the unique stories of women. Raw, natural materials purchased through fair trade partners around the world are stitched into one to tell a story."

Not only is bold beauty and rigid, raw materials a signature staple within the 7Stitches line, but to really appreciate the jewelry you must read the story behind the company. It's so fascinating how this line begun and all that goes on behind the collections. Be sure to read the story of 7Stitches before you look any further.

"7Stitches designs are driven by a passion and belief that the universal language of color, shapes, and textures evoke feelings in each of us - all we attempt to do is weave them together to reflect the idea of beauty in unity."

Now, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite pieces from 7Stitches collections. It was so hard to pick through them, they were all so bright and fun. The perfect statement piece of jewelry to throw on with your basic black or to mix in with other fun accessories.

Here are some 7Stitches pieces I'm just in love with...

Sub Saharan Bangle Set
Code: BN-240

Bohemian Summer Earrings
Code: ER-270

Limited Edition Vintage Necklace
Code: NK-110

Mystic Bracelet
Code: BR-508

Mud Cloth and leather Cuff Bracelet
Code: CF-1190

For a different look, I really love these Rosary necklaces by 7Stitches. They are perfectly delicate to stand by themselves or be layered in with other necklaces...

Mystic 36 Rosary Vintage Coptic Cross
Code: PN-302
Handcrafted in California


  1. Thank you, Lisa!! We love your post :)

  2. So glad you love it!

    Everyone be sure and check out 7Stitches blog above!!!



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