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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Del Mar Wine Destination.

Sip, an intimate urban-style wine bar, at Flavor Del Mar is my newest favorite spot to sip wine. It's always exciting when fun new places open up in Del Mar, especially those that really hit a good note! And by good notes, we're talking over a selection of more than 40 wines by the glass to try...

I'm really obsessed with this chic, yet cozy, corner tucked away in the Del Mar Plaza. It was the perfect place to stop by after a great date night dinner down at my favorite Chinese place in town, Del Mar Rendezvous. Although, I wish I hadn't eaten quite as many Konnyaku Noodles because Sip has an extraordinary selection of cheese plates to try!

P.S. Sip is also open earlier on in the day, so if gorgeous sunsets are of interest to you, you have to be sure to fit in a little wine during the beautiful one in view every day from this hot location!

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