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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Experience style with...

JewelMint is a fabulous line of affordable, luxury jewelry designed by Kate Bosworth, and her celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. Similar to StyleMint, the Olsen's collection that I featured a couple weeks ago, JewelMint is member based online site as well and all jewelry is set at a perfect price point.

I'm all up for splurging on jewelry, be it Cartier or Chanel, but when it comes to costume jewelry, why would you ever go about buying a ridiculously overpriced enamel ring or beaded bracelet? Save your money for the serious stuff...or better yet find a love interest to shower you in your favorite jewels, while you make your own fun purchases off JewelMint!

The really exciting part about JewelMint is it is a totally personalized, hassle-free way to shop for jewelry - no more having to run around store after store to find a last minute cocktail ring - just stock up on gorgeous jewelry from your Showroom, selected just for you based off of your style profile, to have at hand.

Did I mention who is designing and styling all of this fun jewelry for you? Actress Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter. So, after learning who the fabulous designers were behind JewelMint...(I have huge respect for both of their styles on and off the red carpet)...I had to check out JewelMint and see what they came up with for me!

Here are a few pieces featured for me in my personalized Showroom:

Neo Bedrock Duo

Fifth Avenue Earrings

Corsica Bracelet

Aurum Necklace

And here are two pieces with styling tips straight from Kate and Cher!

Mumbai Bracelet

Wear this with: stacked with other silver bracelets.
Perfect for: running around town.
Inspired by: antique Indian treasures.

From Kate: "This bracelet has such a cool tribal feel and is a great stand alone piece. I love wearing it with denim and a chunky grey sweater or in the summer with floral prints. "

Cleopatra Cabochon Earrings

Wear this with: a loose fitting, printed blouse.
Perfect for: a Sunday lunch date.
Inspired by: ancient Egyptian jewelry worn by Cleopatra.

From Cher: "I love these unique earrings to dress up a casual glam boho look. Try with a button down printed shirt worn loosely with jeans. Roll jeans up to the middle of your calf and work those hips! Tie your hair back loosely to show them off. This Isabel Marant runway look is one of my all time favorite. Try this flowy printed blouse from!"

P.S. These styling tips come with every piece of jewelry...go get styled now!


  1. i got so excited about this concept and the fun designs...however, after having to return two of the pieces i purchased because they arrived broken, and having another necklace's paint chip after one wear, i had to chalk this celeb endeavor as a loss.

  2. That's not good! I'm sorry to hear that - thanks for the heads up. Goes to show, "save your money for the serious stuff..." If you want to see a great find, check out my recent post on Cathy Waterman! Xo.


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