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Thursday, July 28, 2011


T-Shirts are not Couture, so why buy them in a high end department store or boutique with a Couture price tag? T-Shirts also don't have Couture sizing, I'm pretty sure you already firmly know if you are a small, medium, or you really need to try them on?

Don't waste another minute of your time working to afford $100 plus Vince or James Perse overpriced T's, and then wasting even more of your time trying them on. And please don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of Vince sweaters and James Perse button downs...but budgeting my wardrobe fund for cotton T-shirts? No thanks. Seriously, it's so not worth it.

What is worth it? StyleMint.

StyleMint is a membership based online site launched by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that sells a variety of exclusively designed T-Shirts at a fantastic price point.

First you create your StyleProfile so you can be categorized in the right style section of T's that will mesh best with your personal style (if you want to reach out of your current style, you're able to click other categories...there's no lock down). After you've done this, you can view the selections made for you, get your TopStyles and shop for your favorite T's.

T-shirts are all priced at $29.99 and shipping is completely free. Not to mention, with every T-shirt, there are style notes by the Olsens, a video on the T, and who it was spotted on.

Here are a few T-shirts that were recommended to me in my TopStyles profile: a full sentence



After you see some of your T-shirts that were picked and styled for you, there is an option to "Show Me More Styles." Click on this, and a window will pop up with Style Options - if the style picked out from your StyleProfile wasn't exactly you, two of the closest other matches will show up and might be a better pick. The same T's come up, but they're styled totally differently. This is a really great way to see some of the options you can use just by changing up your look, not the T-shirt.

I seriously recommend giving this a shot, not because you love the Olsen twins, not because you want to get sucked into another "membership only" shopping site, but because you want to stop being wasteful on a basic your money for the runway.


  1. Absolutely one of the worst customer experiences I've had online. After I joined and bought my first tshirt, I was sent a 20% off/one-day-only coupon last Sunday. I went to use it and no go. I called and emailed customer service no response - on Sunday, again on Monday, again on Tuesday and again today. So I tried the site's "Live Chat" which is no such thing, it's just a glorified email system...that finally got me a partial response about 6 hours later. Sorry, cute stuff and concept, but there are too many other great online discount fashion sites for me to give this one any of my hard earned $$.

  2. That's annoying you had to deal with all of that! You're not the first person I've heard say that they've had problems with customer service...what a bummer! Would love to hear your other recommendations for online shopping. Xo.


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