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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Stars and Stripes.

I know that after seeing the little red patent coin pouch attached to the beautiful red and white tweed heel, you already know who I am admiring in this post. These stunning looks are from Chanel's debut of the 2008 Spring line during Paris Fashion Week.

I'm loving these stars and stripes prints for the 4th. I think it's great to incorporate the patriotic prints instead of just going solid red, white, and blue...way too blocky of a look in my opinion. Make sure you stay away from using both stars AND stripes prints - (The ONLY exception is if you have the exact third look from Chanel...then we're all just going to forget the prints all together and wear paper bags...staring jealously at you from afar) - pick one and then mix with any of your solid staples for a fun look that's not too overdone.

Too confusing? You can always just stick to the tweed heels...

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