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Friday, July 8, 2011

Louboutin Macaroons.

Earlier today was online trying to find this little French bakery in San Diego that served the most delicious and delicate macaroons at this fashion luncheon event I attended recently. I wanted to ship a box of these lovely treats over to my friend in New York City for his birthday.

As I was Googling "delicate, french, macaroons, San Diego" in a high search frenzy, Google must have known my typical search criteria too well and up pops Louboutin and Ladurée macaroons!

I know this is old news, but I can't help but share this wonderful fashion infused delicacy I stumbled upon with you...

Once upon a fashionable time long, long ago, French shoe designer Christian Louboutin collaborated with French Patisserie Ladurée to create a fabulous collection of special edition macaroons.

Together, Louboutin and Ladurée came up with three different, beautiful little boxes, printed with designs of Louboutin's colorful shoes and purses. The clever lid was designed to be torn trompe l’oeil effect, giving the lucky recipient of the box a little peek as to what is being contained.

There inside the box, six scrumptious macaroons prepared by pastry chef Philippe Andrieu were to be found. These macaroons were full of Mediterranean flavors featuring those of fig and date. These delicate desserts became available September 11, 2009 at Ladurée Harrods and Burlington Arcade Gallery and started at £9.80 for a box of six.

How wonderful would it have been to be able to send a little box of these over to my dear friend! Maybe sometime in the future another charming collaboration like this will be made again...


  1. So decadent!! They look absolutely delish!!


  2. Don't they ever! I would die over a box of them right now. Xo.

  3. Look yummy and the box awesome

  4. The box is almost as great as what it holds in it!


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