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Monday, June 27, 2011

Wear Your Onesie Right.

Alexis Mabille
Spring 2011 Couture

This romper by Alexis Mabille is the perfect example of how to properly dress up your summer onesie.

Don't make the classic mistake of dressing yourself down to a 13-year-old running errands with her mom, when she really wants to be at the beach. Instead, style yourself in a way that makes the comfy onesie work.

1. Don't JUST wear the romper. It looks too unfinished. In Alexis Mabille's look, you see a tailored jacket. If you don't want to do a jacket, try a belt to pull the waist in. You could either do a braided or corset type belt (depending on the print of the romper) or go for a more delicate belt. This one by Gucci is a good choice:

Horsebit Buckle Belt

2. Watch your choice of handbag. I would really advise against too structured of a bag. The point of wearing a romper is to be, don't take it to the office. Fringe, tassels, a fun color, or even a wristlet can work. Try my newest obsession from DVF out:

Diane von Furstenberg
Belle Abstract-Print Satin Wristlet

3. Pick the right shoes. Skip the heels when wearing an above the knee romper, it looks too street-corner-esque. Wedges are a good choice and so are flats. Yes, I did say flats. You won't hear me say this often, but flats are completely acceptable and very appropriate for this outfit. However, please pass on the gladiator sandals..always. And by always, I mean not just when wearing the romper. If you can't decide between wedges and flats, here is a good pick:

Bottega Veneta
Suede/Patent Leather Wedges

4. Earrings are a great jewelry statement to wear because they continue the line of your body upward. You always want length when wearing a one-piece article of clothing. A cocktail ring or even bangles are a good choice too. Stay away from a bulky statement necklace. Especially a "choker." You would think it would balance out the solidness of the romper, but it really just doesn't. All necklaces aren't out of bounds though, if you really want to wear a necklace go for multi-thin-strands, maybe even knotted at the end for length, or try a long pendant necklace. I just love this one on a 16"+ chain:

Alexis Bittar
'Miss Havisham - Modern Georgian'
Double Pendant Necklace

5. Smile. Out of all the pointers I've laid out in this post, #5 is the most important. You're wearing a onesie. You can't do the 'bitch' face. The 'bitch' face is almost more inappropriate than wearing heels like discussed in really just doesn't work. Also, you can't wear this look every day of the week (it needs to be on a very minimal rotation to get the most out of it) so ENJOY it when you rock it.

Do your onesie right and have the time of your life in it.

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