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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Put Yourself on the Proper Pedestal.

“I like to literally put women on a pedestal.”
— designer Vivienne Westwood, on high heels.

The second the warm summer nights come around, all hell's heels break loose and everyone completely forgets about maintaining a proper shoe attire.

We all know that during the Spring/Summer seasons we can find wedges galore...but do you really want to be clunking around in wedges to nice dinner dates or outdoor charity events? Wedges just remind everyone of horses. Plain and simple. I'm obsessed with them and have them by the bucket full, but even paired with the shortest dress, they won't make your feet look elegant or even slightly sexy.

Now, what about those strappy kind that look like the heel (or your ankle) will break in one shifty really can't wear them on a rotational basis unless you have a pot of gold in your handbag or have a constant man at your side to protect your every step - double points if your man is a leprechaun. I wore my strappiest pair of Jimmy Choo's to Opening Day at the Del Mar Races last year and haven't taken them out of their beautiful box since because I just knew I'd be testing my luck if I did.

You're probably asking yourself, "Then what is left? You just bashed about every shoe I've been wearing this June..."

Have we forgotten all about the perfect pump? Don't disregard them just because the weather has turned up the heat. I know, it's always hard work finding a pair of elegant "pump" style heels to wear during the summer seasons. So, I picked a few of my favorites out for you:

Skyscraper Court
Vivienne Westwood
heel measuring at 12.5 cm

Jeffrey Campbell
heel measuring at 4 3/4 in

Maniac Metallic Pump
Brian Atwood
heel measuring at 5.5 in

Lace Bow Satin Pump
Dolce & Gabbana
heel measuring at 4 1/4 in

Platform Snake Pumps
Giuseppe Zanotti
heel measuring at 5 in

'Miss Dior' Pump
Christian Dior
heel measuring at 4 in

Ecotrash Platform Slingback
Christian Louboutin
heel measuring at 6 in

(I know this is a peep-toe slingback and doesn't quite constitute as a standard "pump" that we're talking about, but I couldn't you blame me?)

*Avoid the business-wear black leather and god forbidden suede (I don't like suede a good Chanel day, let alone a summer day). Stick to light beiges, fun colors, creative fabrics, skins, and embellishment.

Sidenote: The pink shoe on the pedestal shown in the first image of this post is hideous, and should never be worn, touched, seen, or ever created. It was only used to get a point across. Get it out of your head and never on your foot.

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