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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Olsen Organization.

"How can you be organized when you're in Times Square?"
- Mary-Kate Olsen

I remember the days when all anybody could talk about was how "fashionably bohemian" Mary-Kate was...or how many "faux pas de bohemia" she was committing.

I never really stood for one side of the "how fashionable or un-fashionable is her bohemian manifesto" question, because without a doubt this Olsen has some serious fashion knowledge. Her wardrobe pieces were the best of the best...Mary-Kate had fashion down.

Whether she was organized stylistically when putting together her outfits is a totally different question...

Hit: The red shoes. I'm not a fan of the actual style of the dusty red bootie, but the way she adds in the color to the greys is brilliant. Rarely do you see grey brought to life by a red accent.
Miss: The dingy robe? My dad's bathrobes are more chic than that and he doesn't even let anyone outside of the women he lives with (my mom and sisters) see him lounging en robe...let alone all of NYC.

Hit: The Tom Ford Sunglasses with the fur are right on point. The coloring is perfect. The grey hat even brings the cool tones out of the color of the fur and draws in the black base of the rest of the outfit (bottom half, and bag).
Miss: The tights with the shoes. I appreciate the fact that Mary-Kate matched black with black (it could have been a lot, LOT worse), but really now...toes hanging out of open toed heels covered in tights? Yuck.

Hit & Miss: The shoes with the bag? Or the bag with the shoes? Pick one or the other. I love how Mary-Kate chose the short black dress with a high neck to be paired with the shoes (the only way to rock these type of shoes without going street-corner fashion). The bag is amazing, but a smaller clutch would have done the trick.

Fashion is all about knowing your pieces and taking the risk to wear them. Style however, is about organization and knowing how to bring out the best in your pieces. Knowing how to pair your wardrobe together in ways that make your pieces more fabulous on you, than on a hanger, is key.


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