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Monday, June 13, 2011


"GEORGIE was created around a series of iconic shapes, couture quality attention to detail and the pursuit of the perfect fit. The GEORGIE brand is designed to fit perfectly into every chic woman’s lifestyle."

I spoke with Georgie's Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Brianna Fordham and she gave me a great look into the fabulous company!

LMP: Why don't we start with you telling me a little bit about Georgie and your part in the company?
Fordham: Georgie is owned and operated by Eran and Kamea Bitton. The brand is based out of LA which is where the design team is located and the clothes are made in the US. I've been with the brand for a year and am the Sales and Marketing Coordinator in the NYC showroom, we also have a showroom (907) in LA.

LMP: Where does Georgie primarily retail?
Fordham: The brand has had a lot of success in the past year while establishing relationships with top retailers such as Calypso, Shopbop, and Intermix, and we're in over 200 nationwide specialty stores.

Marissa Shirtdress

LMP: I've noticed your company has a really great customer following. What have you done to get your brand so close with all of your clients?
Fordham: We really value our fans and wanted to created a more direct relationship with the women that love our clothes, so we started a social media initiative in the beginning of this year when we lauched a Facebook page. We also have a Twitter and will be relaunching our website soon!

LMP: I'm sure it's been successful to Georgie to have such close interaction with your followers.
Fordham: It's great to interact with fans and I think our customers truly appreciate being able to see the latest updates on the collection. The design team really listens to what our customers want, which is chic and stylish clothing, and they're inspired from various things each season.

Dana Print Dress

LMP: Other than having a strong customer based company, what else has been a strong point in the company?
Fordham: We're really proud of our Handloom fabrics which are from villages in India. The double ikats are both warp and weft and are resist-dyed. This form of weaving requires the most skill for precise patterns to be woven and is considered the premiere form of ikat.

LMP: That's amazing. I'm not too familiar with ikat, can you tell me a little bit about the fabric?
Fordham: Ikat is an Indonesian language word, which means "to tie" or "to bind". Ikat weaving styles vary widely. Many design motifs may have ethnic, ritual or symbolic meaning. Traditionally, ikat are symbols of status, wealth, power and prestige. Because of the time and skill involved in weaving ikat, some cultures believe the cloth is imbued with magical powers!

LMP: I could definitely see how the cloth exudes magical powers...everyone who wears your collection magically appears to look so incredible! What pieces were created with these fabrics?
Fordham: We've used these fabrics in a variety of silhouettes such as our Rafina skirt and Libby dress (both featured on Shopbop), along with our favorite St. Bart's pant.

St. Bart's Pants

LMP: Tell me about your St. Bart's pant!
Fordham: Our St. Bart's pant is a pant we bring back every season and is available in a variety of colors and fabrics- our customers just can't get enough!

LMP: You've sold me on it already. Where can I find this favorite?
Fordham: These pants are featured at Calypso and Intermix.

LMP: What other pieces are you excited about from Georgie?
Fordham: Along with the St. Bart's pant, our Ashley lace bell bottoms (on Shopbop) are redone every season and our Moto jacket (which sold out on Intermix).

Ashley Lace Bell Bottom Pants

I was just thrilled to be able to get a chance to talk with Brianna Fordham and loved how excited she was to discuss and promote her company. Georgie is an everyday lifestyle brand that showcases a chic and polished look with a dash of a carefree and adventurous spirit. Georgie is an incredibly unique company that gets its inspiration for the collection from its!

I've fallen in love with this company and can't wait to add the St. Barts pants to my wardrobe today.


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