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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carolina Loyola

The adventurous Carolina Loyola, explores her creativity and passion for exotic locations through the art of jewelry design.

Jewelry designer Carolina Loyola, born in Argentina and raised in Miami, is greatly inspired through her travels. Her collections are a representation of her life and culture, interlaced with the life and culture of those she has experienced from traveling to other worldly countries.

All of the worldly designer's jewelry is made from 925 Sterling Silver and 24 karat gold over silver (some collections including 14k gold as well). The semi-precious stones that are used are chosen with great care and are of top quality. Carolina Loyola is in close relations with artisans from Italy and South America, working with an antique art form called Filigree, a handcrafted technique of the delicate ornamental work used in her exotic pieces.

"Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and that's exactly how you'll feel with each of my bold, colorful and eye-catching pieces. I consider my pieces and style to be Bohemian chic," says Carolina Loyola.

Carolina Loyola's appreciation for the different places she has visited and the different cultures she has embraced is vividly present in her jewelry. Her pieces are exotic, adventurous, and full of life.

I was able to talk to Carolina Loyola and get a feel for some of the inspiration behind a few of her favorite pieces. Here are some of the pieces that Carolina Loyola is most proud about and the inspiration that her creativity has embraced:

Lola Earrings

Her inspiration for the Lola Earrings with Black Spinel and Pink Tourmaline came from her travels in Istanbul and Bodrum, Turkey. Carolina Loyola says, "the vibrant colors in that city and history and mysticism. The beautiful Mediterrean water, and beautiful people inspired me to create."

Lucky Butterfly Necklace

The Lucky Butterfly Necklace is Carolina Loyola's signature piece. This necklace was inspired from "a beautiful place in Guilin, China. Surrounded by gorgeous colorful butterflies. A meaning of new beginnings and good luck."

Here are some pictures from Carolina Loyola's travels that she gladly shared with me. These beautiful pictures give us a glimpse at the beauty held within the lands that are so inspiring to her and are later developed into her collections:

Now after dreamily gazing at these photographs of Carolina Loyola's exotic travels and artistic jewelry, I'm sure you're wondering where you can find these beautiful treasures without traveling to far away lands.

Carolina Loyola's collections can be found in boutiques across the globe; Los Angeles, Canada, Florida, France, Panama, Rhode Island, and ONLINE. Her jewelry collection was recently launched on Max&Chloe this past week!

For a full list of boutiques go to:

Now, I'm off to snag a little piece of my own luck by ordering the Lucky Butterfly Necklace online...I feel like I'm already jetsetting my way to China!

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