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Thursday, June 16, 2011


"I am inspired by nomadic ways of life,
the universe, and love..."

I recently came across a beautiful jewelry designer, Alushia-Sanchia. Her Native-American inspired jewelry line's debut collection 'Tipony' presents strong statement pieces (made of silver, gold, and bronze metals), adorned with beautiful turquoise and onyx stones, which Alushia believes to have strong protective and organic healing qualities. These gorgeous jewelry pieces capture the spirit of the land and magically bring a strength of power and beauty to the wearer of her designs.

Alushia's Story

Jewelery designer Alushia Sanchia has the spirit of a wondering artisan running through her veins. Drawing inspiration from her nomadic upbringing, her parents were traveling gypsy jewelery-makers taking her from the UK to Japan, to an Aboriginal community, Alushia discovered the magical beauty in the land, the power of spirit and the cultural diversity of every place she experienced. And she was hooked! Adapting those epic influences into her creative process, she came up with her gorgeous Native-American inspired jewelery line Alushia-Sanchia.

Alushia's design aesthetic is largely influenced by her love of animal totems, tribes, gypsies, love, mother earth, music and the sun. Continually motivated by the power of love as a mother to son Jasper Fleetwood, she identifies with the strong protective and organic healing qualities of turquoise and black onyx stones that feature heavily in her beautiful pieces.

She's spiritual and passionate and these omniscient qualities are reflected in her art.

"I truly believe it's in my blood, I see so many things in every day life as jewelery - I am a perfectionist and love to create with my hands. I am so inspired by the whole process from the idea, the drawing, the design, the making, and the final project - it's like magic. Jewelery to me holds emotion and represents moments in life."

Alushia Jewelery pieces are more than just a fashion accessory. They're a symbol of power, spirituality and strength and are the perfect 'statement pieces' that will last a lifetime.

I was lucky enough to sneak a peek of her lookbook for her 'Tipony' collection and also get a few moments to speak with Alushia and ask her a few questions on how she is promoting her gorgeous line.

LMP: Alushia-Sanchia is such a unique name for your line, is that your own name?
Alushia: Alushia-Sanchia is my name, I just go by Alushia but on my birth certificate it is Alushia-Sanchia.

LMP: What made you step out and create your own collection?
Alushia: This debut collection has been an evolution. I studied Jewelery and Object design and have made Jewelery and Accessories for a long time, but on a smaller scale. I have always created Jewelery for myself and friends and this lead to custom orders/ stores approaching me etc. Now I am taking it to the next level with 'Tipony'.

LMP: Tell me a little bit about 'Tipony."
Alushia: I love working with stones and for the debut ‘Tipony‘ collection I have chosen to work with Black onyx and Turquoise for their strong protection, healing and transformation qualities. Stones and metal come from the earth...they are full of enchantment and can be transformed into something from the imagination.

LMP: Now, on the business side of your company, how are you working to promote your line?
Alushia:I have a great PR agent called 'The Wonderland' they get me out there so to speak. I focus on the creating and sales. I will get a sales agent down the line but this first time around its nice to have a personal element when dealing with the stores and customers.

LMP: That's really exciting. When can we expect to see your pieces in stores?
Alushia: Alushia-Sanchia will be available from selected boutiques nationally from August 2011. We're in the process of creating our website now and getting that all up and running too.

The piece that I'm most looking forward to...

Crane Necklace
Gold wings - silver head
Silver plated Yellow bronze


  1. Amazing! I absolutely love these pieces and Alushia is so inspiring.

  2. Isn't she brilliant? Such a talented find!


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