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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Quick History Lesson.

I'm not one to lecture on bits of history, but I just read something in the book that I am currently reading, "How the Rich Get Thin" by Jana Klauer, that I found interesting and had never heard before. Time to Coach...I mean Catch, a quick history lesson!

Did you know that Coach, the label that makes trendy handbags and leather accessories (I am sure you are all quite familiar of this brand, as it was the brand of the very first designer bag that started this ridiculous couture closet of mine at the age of 14), also makes goat cheese?

In 1983, the Cahn family bought an abandoned dairy farm outside of New York City. Two years into the project, they sold Coach Leatherware to Sarah Lee Corp, moved to the farm full time, and now make Coach Farm fresh and aged goat cheese.

After hearing this, and being on a kick from the advice I had been taking in from "How the Rich Stay Thin," I had to try the Low-Fat Black Pepper Stick that was recommended (a one ounce serving has only 45 calories...take that you horrible Brie cheese addiction!) It was delicious.

I am much more a fan of Coach's cheeses than their handbags at present time...and the Coach Farm's logo is much less mainstream.

Visit for additional information and make sure you pick up your own copy of "How the Rich Stay Thin!"

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