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Monday, May 23, 2011

Missoni Hits a High Note.

As much as I adore Missoni visually, the structure of about 99.9% of the pieces drive me crazy. I get that the high points in the Missoni collections have always been about the knits, textures, colors, etc., but after noticing the terrible structure of the garments, the high points have never really sold it to me.

This morning however, as I was clicking through the Missoni website in search of a new bikini (no one has to worry about the structure of a bikini...remember, structure when wearing a bikini is all you, not the fabric), I completely got over this cold shoulder towards Missoni and now want every piece of the Summer 2011 collection.

Yes, the draping is still a little awkward to me, but the vibrancy and bold emotion that have been woven into the patterns of these garments are INCREDIBLY empowering as to say, "I'm so IT, I don't even need to think about how I'm wearing this fabulous garment over my shoulder right now. Here, I'll even toss it around a little bit to prove how much I don't care, that's how much you love it on me."


  1. African,Tribal,Hawaiian
    ,60's,Mod Squad Mess!!!

  2. couldn't have said it better my self! should add those words into the blog labels!

  3. Totally agree! It's a hit or miss with Missoni clothing but I wouldn't mind Missoni swimsuits.


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