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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wedge Yourself Into Spring.

The 'Puzzle' Peep Toe Wedge Pump by Lanvin

I've officially found my first wedge purchase for this Spring. I'm always very picky about buying wedges because I honestly think a heel is just so much sexier and flattering to the leg. However, this peep toe wedge is TO DIE. I love it because it can be worn casually or dressed up. The ankle bow is an adorable touch, and unlike a typical banded strap, it doesn't cut off your leg completely at the ankle and make you look like your legs are two tree trunks. The way that the wooden wedge is slightly hidden within the shoe makes this wedge graceful and lengthening.

You can find this adorable wedge by Lanvin in black patent and a rosy beige patent as well, if you're not feeling like sauntering into Spring with a snakeskin print.

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