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Monday, March 21, 2011

strengthen, mend, heal.

We are fragile, love can strengthen us. We are torn, love can mend us. Sometimes we are downright shattered, love can heal us.

I've been in a place where I've felt myself in a million pieces. And when I say a million pieces, I mean literally a million pieces of me going every which direction until all eventually landing on the floor, broken and entirely out of order.

At that point, I turned my back on love and walked as far away as my Manolos would take me. It took me a very long time to realize that it isn't love that brings you to that shattered place on the floor. What brings you to the floor are arguments that don't resolve, dishonesty that destroys trust, a continual search for something that isn't there, countless losses with no gain to bring back hope...but not love.

Love is what helps gradually put you back together. It gives you strength to mend yourself and heal. It brings you far off the floor.

And once you're off that floor, you have the power to continue on up.


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